New Tool (3.1): Channel Strip Buddy

(Ledger) #1

New alpha Channel Strip Buddy:

ledger.scripts.ChannelstripBuddy_V0.5.xrnx (1.9 KB)

A tool to help when you want to use the same plug repeatedly over several tracks, as with a channel strip. However it works with any DSP you like.

  1. Load any device in renoise: EQ,Channelstrip,compressor etc.
  2. Right-Click on it for menu entry CSB - Set As Target
  3. Now use shortcut `CSB` Toggle Target Device

The shortcut has multiple functions:

  • You can open and close the target device (if it has a gui) on the current track .
  • Go to a new track with an instance already present of the ‘Target Device’ and it will select/open it, while closing all other previously open gui instances from other tracks.
  • If there is no ‘Target Device’ on the new track, one will be added and opened in the same way.

Workflow: Choose your target device. Use shortcut while navigating around to use same device in any track. Locating, loading and open/close operations are all in one shortcut.

There is also a shortcut for the menu entry mentioned in step 2. above:
`CSB` Set Selected As Target Device

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