New Tool (3.1) ChordGun

oh wow ! thanks for the work.


Yes, thank you so much! I get so much use out of this plug-in, I’d be happy to buy you a beer if you have a PayPal or Venmo or something. Thanks again!


This is rad - giving me chords I’ve never even considered. Thank you!


praise be


Please, buy beer for @pandabot - I don’t dirnk… He created the tool. I don’t know how.

Oh nice, definitely trying this out later!

Cool, yes, @pandabot, please let us know where you can accept donations. Thanks all!

Please donate at, all proceeds will go towards providing fresh boxes of cheerios to impoverished developers Thank you


Donated! Thanks so much!


@pandabot can you also put the version with up to 10th chords in your first post okthanks

Just See it yet. Is it the same chordgun as the chordgun for reaper? I use it all the time in reaper. Is it the same author?

It has a custom interface for Renoise…
And I guess also, it has other options…

I have updated the tool with more chords:

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When enabling “all chords” in options, the dialog window goes past the screen on my system. Anyway to add a scrollbar or something?

First time I’m trying an external Renoise tool and this look interesting. Quite simple to use too!

Yeah, pretty fun to try out some chords I would have never thought of!

@EatMe Please change com.pandabot.ChordGun.xrnx to com.eatme.ChordGun.xrnx so people know it’s your version, what you attached is not the latest version I released so it’s a little misleading

Why isn’t it in the tools section?

This thing is great! Add in an adjustable strum effect and it’s jazzy piano/moody guitar for days :smiley:

Yeah, I know there’s a plugin that does the strum effect already, but it would be more fun to have it included IN the ChordGun.

@pandabot Okay, I will change the name… and open a new topic.


I just wonder about the OSC option that I don’t really understand about. There is some careful advert on the preference panel. So that mean it’s better to not use too much this option?

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