New Tool (3.1) ChordGun

@pandabot Done, I changed the name and opened a new topic for MoreChordGun 1.1.103 ChordLord 1.8.217 …
I hope I credited you right in the information.

Why did you open a new topic, now it’s even more confusing. If you’re going to do enough serious development to warrant a new topic then you shouldn’t call it ChordGun you should call it something else. But at the moment you only added chords which breaks functionality for users with smaller screens

@rainydayshirts there is no option (yet) to add a scrollbar to Renoise ViewBuilder API windows. I have asked developer toequetique.

@pandabot I have opened a new topic because you did not add my (more chords) version to your first post, where people enter this (very long dreadful) topic.

Call it something else then, don’t get me wrong I like that you’re hacking it to suit your needs but I object to you releasing under my name and creating a new topic so that there’s 2 different ChordGun posts

What to do then because I would always want to follow (your/any) latest development and I think that my update should be included in your version buuuut you’re not updating your post I don’t want to maintain the tool either so please add my version to your first post in this topic?

No, your changes introduced a bug for users like me who have smaller screens. I don’t think 10th chords are very useful for most users either, to be honest if I were to make an update I’d probably remove some of the chords I have in there to match the set I went with in the reaper version. Especially the ones like 7sus4#5, probably no one uses them

I actually want to
expand the list
with chords up to the 13th + 7th + b5 for example
and slightly more variations added too
if only there could be a scrollbar

You could make it wider and add more columns for each scale degree

Pandabot, where is your newest version, is that the one attached to your original post?

Yeah the one attached to the original post is the latest one, maybe I should ask for this to be in the tools section. When I first asked they said to post it in the forums so it could be user tested, they’d probably give me access now

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Here is a copy of the whole discussion that originated ChordLord in November 2020.


(open image in new window to read)

The last I heard (in the whole post) is that I could edit it (see the last post in the details).

I did that. And made available:

com.eatme.AcordeSenor.3.06.235.xrnx (17.3 KB)
com.eatme.AkkordMann.3.06.235.xrnx (17.3 KB)
com.eatme.ChordLord.3.06.235.xrnx (16.9 KB) com.eatme.ChordLord.3.07.235.xrnx (16.9 KB)
com.eatme.SenhorAcordes.3.06.235.xrnx (17.2 KB)
com.eatme.AccordoSignore.3.06.235.xrnx (17.2 KB)
com.eatme.AccordSeigneur.3.06.235.xrnx (17.3 KB)

  • about over 200 more chord types (to 235 in total)
  • 4 mode arpeggiator
  • scroll
  • window size
  • button size
  • 4 chord complexity levels
  • Jump and Jump Up button
  • translation into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German (total cost: eur 66)
  • manual ChordLord_3.06.235_Manual.pdf (326.9 KB) and information text on the forum and in the tool

Forum topic: ChordLord 3.06.235 in English + en Español + en Português + en Français + in Italiano + in Deutsch (for Renoise 3 or higher) = Click Chords ♪♫
English version:
Version en Español:
Version en Português:
Version en Français:
Version in Italiano:
Version in Deutsch:

by EatMe / Panda (PandaBot) / Suva
special thanks to Joule / Pone / Neuro…No Neuro
translations by Susana Sanchez, Mila B, Anna Biscaro and tEiS

Previous tool Scalefinder (1/3rd of the code) by Suva, website is not found.
You can donate on to Panda for development of 1/3rd of the code in the original ChordGun tool.
You can donate on to EatMe for development of over 1/3rd of the code in the ChordLord tool and paying for and implementing the translations.

Hey can you ask eatme to post the lua script or make chordlord for reaper? I cant see the code in these xrxn files to make it myself damn…

Can you make this into a lua files too? so that reaper users can run it in the daw?
I would but i cant edit the xrxn file in notepad its just nonsense symbols and some slight syntax.
Thanks if you do!

it|s just zipfile

Great tool!

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