New Tool (3.1): I Can Haz Sequencer! (Dec 2017)

480x480 25fps 1 second mp4 compression loop…I tend to disagree with that. Just saying :slight_smile:

it was not me, honest 4tey! :cat:

Well someone is messing up Ledger! :slight_smile:

Quite harsh to judge a cat with such excellent typing skillz!

at least now you`ve let the world see him, yay!

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Ah! Interesting, it stops the embedded animation after so long Ledger…?

I don`t think taktik likes cats!

Either Taktik or discourse…or both :smiley:

hmm, lets try this fella instead:

Yep confirmed! taktik + Discourse don`t mind dogs on thier way to Comic-con!

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Looks okay Ledger with that one (don’t speak too soon eh?) Must be something funny with that other mp4 file. IDK :slight_smile:

Funnily enough with that one, Discourse did an auto edit on my post and downloaded the gif after a while.

Must be this:

if gif == :dog: then download() end
if gif == :cat: then hide() end --aloof and scratchy!

Ah, so after awhile, discourse downloads a local copy of the file. So maybe (just speculation) with that other link, when discourse comes round and auto downloads, it thinks that the file is greater than 4 megabytes. Even though the mp4 file is like 50 odd kilobytes in size :slight_smile:

The question now remaining is: can 4tey get the cat back ? :thinking:

Not sure Ledge, I’ll just try re-encode the file.

That should be okay :slight_smile:

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Nice tries 4tey!

It seems like the hatred of cats is strong with this forum software!

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Yeah, Ledge, interesting though :slight_smile:


God help anyone who came here looking for a sequencer though! :grinning:

Ah :smiley: Although there is a delete option now…might take a day. Do you want to delete? I’m okay with that.

Edit: Okay Ledger [reply to the post below] :slight_smile:

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No it’s fine :slight_smile: if you can’t navigate cat memes you have no business being on the internet!

The home key works ok aswell as the thread scrollbar! and I should put the latest version up at the top now too. unfortunately the delay rotaries are a bit ugly but too useful to roll-back. They will remain hideable if not wanted aswell.

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Finally success!

What was the remedy? I see (via quote) it is on the renoise server now… did you have to do a manual upload?