New Tool (3.1): Mouse Warrior - New note editor

(fiasko) #61

Tonnetz randomization was also busted by recent changes.
MW.xrnx (518.8 KB)

(fiasko) #62

Added OSC previewing of notes.
MW.xrnx (519.5 KB)


Yes, transposing of block selection is the same as in the other tool. If you mean transposing block selection with notes on different tracks then yes. All notes in the block get transposed.

I can limit adjustment to scale/transposing to a block selection within a single track but not make it work for a selection across tracks. How, e.g., do you adjust all the notes in a pattern (after selecting everything with Ctrl+A)?

I’ve tried to change a lot of settings but can’t make it work. I wonder what it is I’m missing here.

(fiasko) #64

Transposing with hot keys within selected scale and key works for all tracks except master and sends.If you select everything with ctrl+a, including master and sends you’ll get an error. I’ll get that fixed in next version. Everything done through the editor works only on captured notes within a single track. Mono - single note column, poly and chord - all 12 note columns.

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Do a search for MW in your preferences,keys and you’ll get to transposing.


Ah, only works with hotkeys. Thanks!