New Tool (3.1): Mouse Warrior - New note editor

(fiasko) #41

Cheers:) Found a bug in chord ‘capturing’ from notes.

(fiasko) #42

Added simple machine learning (Markov chains) to note mutation. Edit: and found a bug…

(fiasko) #43

Added note capturing from multiple patterns selected in the sequencer, more and better probabilistic models that work with chords and mono and polyphonic tracks and some bug fixes and tweaks.

(fiasko) #44

Ooop, I uploaded from wrong folder an old version :slight_smile:

Edit: some bug fixes.

(fiasko) #45

New chord harmonization demos from the next version:

(stoiximan) #46


(fiasko) #47

Updated with:

-new chord harmonization

-better harmonization of melodies to chords (see below)

-simple note memory for note generator (Markov chains of higher order)

-note generator can look for specified number of notes in block selection in order to continue a sequence of notes.

-scanning and sorting of phrases based on scale / key and correlation

-speedups and bug fixes

The whole thing is due for some internal reorganization. File formats will change in the future and won’t be backward compatible.

Demo of new melody to chords harmonizer (disharmonious followed by harmonized):

(m.richards) #48

Where is a download link?

(fiasko) #49


  • works with multiple phrases
  • new, unrolled circle of fifths ‘Tonnetz’ editor
  • added some keyboard editing
  • rewritten and reorganized



Fixed something and kicked out unused file:
MW.xrnx (119.7 KB)


Would love some documentation on this tool. Been trying to adjust a selection of notes to one of the scales (that’s really all I would like to do with this tool). But I can’t make it work

(fiasko) #51

Grab notes, select scale and key press update. I’m going to be adding some documentation in the future. At present this servers as a sort of platform for trying out ideas.

Here’s updated beta version:

  • bug fixes, speedups (less redrawing)
  • phrases can now be tagged and rated and the library searched. This is yet to be tested.
  • optional vertical or horizontal note editing
  • note recombinator based on chord harmonizer for mono, poly and chords. A library of phrases is required for this to be effective. The bigger the better,
  • mono motif recombinator.

MouseWarrior.xrnx (260.0 KB)

(fiasko) #52

‘Been trying to adjust a selection of notes to one of the scales (that’s really all I would like to do with this tool). But I can’t make it work’

Forcing notes to specified scale and key in the editor can be enabled by switching from OFF to ON that is next to scale menu. Select new scale & key and press update. You can select block and force notes to specified scale and key with hotkeys. There is also a hot key for changing chord forms in selected scale&key in a block selection’s first captured row of notes.


Thanks. It’s works with the update.

Can you process selections (like your Transposer tool can) with MW? Or can you only manipulate one track at a time?

(fiasko) #54

Yes, transposing of block selection is the same as in the other tool. If you mean transposing block selection with notes on different tracks then yes. All notes in the block get transposed.

(fiasko) #55


  • added polyphonic tracks to motif scanner
  • consonance scanner for chord forms that can remove dissonant chords
  • improved recombining of polyphonic notes in Markov note generator and recombinator
  • improved block / chord forms of the pattern editor
  • bug fixes and tweaks
  • the file size goes up, large scales and chords lookup tables are used.

MW.xrnx (518.0 KB)

(fiasko) #56

Here’s a multi-phrase file with 92 short motifs(the more the better the chances of success), taken from a few midi files in neo-classical style, demonstrating how to recombine motifs. Rename xrnx to rar and extract it to your Setup IO folder. Select Lib: Phrases, Editor: Step Poly, load the file, Motifs:Scan. After the scan is done you can save the results. To recombine check SK and hit Recombine. The result is going to be hit or miss but with the appropriate, in your style motifs this can be helpful if you find yourself in a rut :slight_smile:

motifs Poly.xrnx (15.7 KB)

(fiasko) #57

Tonnetz got broken. Here’s a quick fix.
MW.xrnx (518.0 KB)

(Neuro... No Neuro) #58

In Tonnetz, selected a few notes, then tried to grab the circle in the middle of the x/y pad and got this error:

‘/Users/XXX/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V3.1.1/Scripts/Tools/com.renoise.mousewarrior.xrnx/main.lua’ failed in one of its notifiers.

Please contact the author (MW) for assistance…

./editors.lua:2897: attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
./editors.lua:2897: in function <./editors.lua:2786>

I don’t understand what I’m doing anyway, because I’m just fiddling around with it, so this is the message that popped up when I figured out how to get to the Tonnetz portion of MW.

(fiasko) #59

The pad got broken too. It should be ok now.
MW.xrnx (518.7 KB)

(Neuro... No Neuro) #60

Thanks for the quick update!