New Tool (3.1): Mouse Warrior - New note editor

(fiasko) #41

Cheers:) Found a bug in chord ‘capturing’ from notes.

(fiasko) #42

Added simple machine learning (Markov chains) to note mutation. Edit: and found a bug…

(fiasko) #43

Added note capturing from multiple patterns selected in the sequencer, more and better probabilistic models that work with chords and mono and polyphonic tracks and some bug fixes and tweaks.

(fiasko) #44

Ooop, I uploaded from wrong folder an old version :slight_smile:

Edit: some bug fixes.

(fiasko) #45

New chord harmonization demos from the next version:

(stoiximan) #46


(fiasko) #47

Updated with:

-new chord harmonization

-better harmonization of melodies to chords (see below)

-simple note memory for note generator (Markov chains of higher order)

-note generator can look for specified number of notes in block selection in order to continue a sequence of notes.

-scanning and sorting of phrases based on scale / key and correlation

-speedups and bug fixes

The whole thing is due for some internal reorganization. File formats will change in the future and won’t be backward compatible.

Demo of new melody to chords harmonizer (disharmonious followed by harmonized):

(m.richards) #48

Where is a download link?

(fiasko) #49


  • works with multiple phrases
  • new, unrolled circle of fifths ‘Tonnetz’ editor
  • added some keyboard editing
  • rewritten and reorganized



Fixed something and kicked out unused file:
MW.xrnx (119.7 KB)