New Tool (3.1+): Reform

Update V1.1 released!

  • Fixed a typo in the code that would cause an error when Local FX Amount values are manually changed after processing via Reform had already begun.
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Linux Ubuntu Mate
Release 22.04.1 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) 64-bit
Kernel Linux 5.15.0-48-generic x86_64
Renoise 64Bit - V3.4.2 (Built: Apr 25 2022)

Got an Error when using this tool on an repeated Pattern.
here in the second pattern
This error delete all notes, but strg+z helps out

But a nice tool i like it…:wink:

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@Gamma_Star Interesting, I’ll have to take a look at the code tomorrow or Monday and run a few tests :open_mouth:

By “repeated pattern”, do you mean a Pattern Alias?

yes pattern alias

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I’ll say, Reform has been incredibly helpful with humanizing chord playback, especially when working with larger chord structures. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but if there is a way to create chords with Reform that both ‘lag’ and ‘rush’ simultaneously using the “Strumify” option; that will save me a TON of time. For example:

Screen Shot 2022-10-09 at 5.10.13 AM

Where the chord starts is the base. That would be Line 5 in the image above. What would be interesting is if Reform could push some, not all, notes backwards, into Line 4. Looking at the upcoming possibilities, with the drawing tool, this might be a possibility. I bet with Renoise’s limitations, it will push the entire chord forward, so it will need to be dragged backwards into place, but there will be a much more ‘human’ sound to the chords - like listening to slow soul pieces where the keyboard player drags out some melodic chords, slowly, almost like bubbles coming up to the surface.

In any case, Reform is a wonderful chord Tool. Paired with ChordGun, where you can make your own chords in the .lua file (it’s very easy, 1’s and 0’s), Renoise just keeps getting better!


The way I intended Reform to handle a situation like what you describe, is to:

  1. Set the Anchor to the End Note (bottom-left button in the Anchor matrix)
  2. Use the Scale control to set how far apart/close together you want the notes to be.
  3. Use the Curve control to make some notes “rush” and some notes “lag” (the S-curve shape seems ideal for this).
  4. Use the Shift control to precisely place the entire selection where you want it, if needed.

With my plans for Reform in the future, this process would definitely become simpler. With the addition of a granular Anchor, Shifting at the end would no longer be necessary. Custom Curve shapes would open infinite possibilities for making certain notes “lag”/“rush”.

P.S. The Strumify option is just a shortcut, it doesn’t do anything exclusive. (it selects the current line for processing as you would by clicking & dragging the left mouse button, enables Redistribute mode, and sets the Anchor to Top of Selection). It’s just there to speed things up if you want to use Reform to strumify some chords.

Anyways, thank you for your comment! Made my day to hear how you’re using it, and it’s cool to see a screenshot of your setup running Reform!


Thank you for the tips! I am eager to try the granular Anchor and Custom Curves. Strumify really is how I use this, because in the moment it really just knocks the chords out of the park, often to the point of just creating a beautiful non-repeating climb of notes. Using chords often found in soul/Neo-Soul/vaporwave, this tool gives Renoise that rare ‘human’ feel, juxtaposed over the clinical nature of the rest of a track (this is of course, intentional). I like that I can go from ‘just a little’ to ‘over the top’.

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Update V1.2 released!

  • Fixed: Error when processing notes in repeated patterns.

Works great! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Awesome! It was only due to an insignificant, single-character typo :sweat_smile:

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coolest website ever


The Reform website? If so, thank you man!!

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Yo this is a really cool font omg could you send me this please :smiley:

@unconventionalmauric Iosevka