Post your favorite tools!

Please post GIFS, Vids, or Screenshots of your favorites and I’ll post them in my story and add them to my renoise highlight on Instagram

AutoCapture First Note

Capture Track From Instrument

:point_up_2:t5:Tag Team Champions For 1:1 Track to Instrument Setup


:point_up_2:t5:Zillions of KB Shortcuts and Slicing/Chopping Features

Travel Through Phrases(TTP)

Piano Roll Studio(PRS)

On The Fly(OTF)


Track Groove

Value Stepper

Beat Select

Line Grab




:point_up_2:t5:Pattern/Phrase Editor PowerHouses + Tint is easy on the eyes.

Simple Sample Beat Detector


RubberBand Aid



:point_up_2:t5:Sample Editor PowerHouses, because who needs synths or any other sampler plugin anyways

Batch Convert To Mono

:point_up_2:t5:I work exclusively with samples now so this is a Godsend for making everything congruent BEFORE mixing

I’m a big time tool junkie so I’m always looking for tools to speed up my workflow :sunglasses:

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My fav tools are, in no particular order:

The Deliverer
Simple Pianoroll
MidiConvert Modified
TransposeMW (in scale)
EQ Helper
GUI Automation Recorder
Tuned Shortcuts
Unified Value Shift And Transpose
Pattern Loop Pone
Pattern Overwrite Pone
Better Column Navigation
Place Selected Notes Evenly
Device Sergeant
Reorder Notes By Pitch
Pattern Resizer
Edit instrument comments
Loop Pone

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Jup. These two are the best and the only ones that I have installed, even if I barely use them.

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Well then you miss a lot and make yourself a lot of unneccessary work.

any chance these could be made into links?
i haven’t heard of most of these, been too focused on Paketti.

This needs to be updated, but here are some Tools picked by Trackercorps community folks.
Might grab a few ones from this thread and update the list.


Absolutely not. Almost all tools available are about sample related stuff, pattern editing stuff or toys like QuickTemplate, and I don’t need a single one of them. I simply don’t work that way. all your favorites are completely unnecessary for me. I don’t even necessarily need the two that I’ve got installed.

Just copy and paste the letters into Google search, add “Renoise” and you get this…

What would be useful tools to have? I’m really interested. I’ve been coding automation curve drawers to Paketti, sample slicers, midi controls for groove settings, and all kinds of other things.

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Not sure what is “toyish” about QuickTemplate… Sure, it is very simple, but it seems to me that you didn’t understand the functionality, also for most other tools. Since I can’t explain your attitude here otherwise. But maybe you don’t use send tracks, only use always the same instrument set / template, never add a new instrument, never like short looping for inspiration, never move a bunch of notes around or like to fix a bunch a volumes at onces, don’t need grooves or fine timings, never like to record automation within the plugin gui etc… :grin:

For me I use a handful of tools but I always use Vst from menu and Beat select to speed up workflow.


I really don’t know, so far I’m pleased with what’s already there. In general I would say at this point everything that improves the pattern matrix and/or the control over VSTs. I’ll let you know if I miss something. And something like “Place Selected Notes Evenly” should be implemented as a native function imho.

Because the tools don’t match my workflow? I wouldn’t need QuickTemplate because there’s a “tool” called disk browser. No need to install another tool for that reason. Therefore I think it’s a “toy” (no bad feelings, really). Some might find it handy, personally I’m pleased with the disk browser. Furthermore I don’t need that much templates. As you might know I’m only producing Electro, Synthwave and Electronic, so I usually use the same basic template (minimal settings) and build my tracks, effects, processing etc. from there. Individually. No big deal. It takes only a few mouse clicks. Duplicate track etc. is your friend, too. You know how it’s working, right?

Maybe I do all those things without tools, because it already works just fine. :alien:
Of course I’m using different instruments all the time, because I always start with a blank page. But you’re right in one point: Indeed I never like to fix a bunch of volumes at once. The note column is the only column I need to use, everything else is hidden and therefore disactivated all the time. There are some rare exceptions every few songs, but that’s mostly because I need to automate something via pattern editor like reset LFO. I also almost never need to “fix” the volume of several VSTis at once, because my workflow is different. And I’m no beginner, so you can assume that my workflow is quick, too. I’m used to it for decades, dude. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well then … QuickTemplate indeed is a toy, now you explained it. Who made this crap!? Never though could use the disk browser, too small and crippled. Feels like soundtracker. But you really should try one of those tools Value Stepper or Unified Value Shift And Transpose, since it saves time and opens up potential. You shouldn’t be so stubborn, IMHO. Of course you can do this all manually, but slower then. If the workflow is slow and tedious, your mind will try to prevent it. That reminds me when I was 12 and was typewriting a source listing from a magazine into my CPC, actually hex number rows over 6 pages or so, no checksum either. Also synthwave would sound better, if there was more dynamics involved. Maybe think about it a bit more, and then write a tool yourself, which improves your personal workflow.

Dude, have you read what I just wrote? I’m sure Value Stepper and Unified Value Shift is handy for those who’re using samples and therefore possibly need all the columns of the pattern editor, but I don’t need to use any values because all columns except the note column are deactivated. I simply don’t need them! And that’s why I don’t need to check tools that affect values in the pattern editor as well. And when it comes to Synthwave there’s not much that I can improve in terms of the sound. It already sounds good, don’t you think? I’m not capable of coding, so I won’t write any tools for sure. I would rather pay somebody to do it in case I would need something specific. Time is short. :slightly_smiling_face:

And now fellas, continue to post your favorite tools. The tool junkie needs some more input! So far we’ve got three dudes that are using tools. I’m sure there are more than three…

the Almost Drums NG is pretty awesome. ( AlmostDrums NG )

Really like using it for creating random loops or percussive sounds. in fact, i ended up creating a slot-creation for it, which creates 84 sample slots, and was hoping to modify it slightly so that one could press a shortcut and it would create 84 different types of sounds into a drumkit with it. didn’t quite get there yet.

other tools i tend to kinda sherlock into Paketti though. i.e. if they’re nice and they do like one or two things, i tend to just rewrite them so they fit into the Paketti suite, and go forwards from there.

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I wasn’t sure if this was possible I have an idea similar to this but with the users premade drum instruments. I’ll post it in the GitHub. Think of it like a drum kit feature but where the user can save their favorite drum combinations and reload them in any project without having to put them all in one sampler instrument. I sure hope it’s possible

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you mean like a TR909 Kit and press a shortcut and it loads? bad example but is this kinda what you’re after? sure, can be done easily. do you have kits in mind?

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Check the GitHub I’ll elaborate there

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