New tool (3.2.0): Close All Plugin Windows v1.0 build 001 (October 2019)

Close All Plugin Windows. What is it?

This tool called “Close All Plugin Windows” provides two links & two key bindings to close all plugin windows:

  • Menu access: “DSP Chain List: ~Close All Plugin Windows (VST)
  • Menu access: “Instrument Box: ~Close All Plugin Windows (VSTi)
  • Key binding: “Global:Tools: ~Close All Plugin Windows (VST)” …suggested: [CONTROL ALT P]
  • Key binding: “Global:Tools: ~Close All Plugin Windows (VSTi)” …suggested: [SHIFT ALT P]

Remember to manually assign the commands for key binding in “Edit:Preferences:Keys: Global:Tools…”.


com.ulneiz.CloseAllPluginWindows.v1.0.001.xrnx (1.4 KB)

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Thanks for sharing this! I’ll try it out in the next day or so and let you know if I run into any problems.


working 3.3 thx a lot :slight_smile:

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Updates to the new API have no impact on older tools, except in some detail, such as the steps in the sliders. Usually there should be no problem.

Enjoy it! :grinning:

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