New Tool (3.2.2) Playback Loop Selection v1.3.004 (August 2020)

Playback Loop Selection

Playback Loop Selection or PLS play in loop the selection in the pattern editor from a key command. It also allows unmarking the selection and greater control of the loop selection. You can also set the selection with the mouse while the PLS is working.

  • Go to “Renoise/Edit/Preferences/Keys: Pattern Editor:Selection:~ Playback Loop Selection” to link it (suggestion: [CTRL + ALT + L]).
  • Go to “Renoise/Edit/Preferences/Keys: Pattern Editor:Selection:~ Unmarked Selection” to unmark the selection (suggestion: [SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + L]).
  • Go to “Renoise/Tools:~ Playback Loop Selection” to configure some options



The option “~ Turn OFF/PLAY All Other Tracks” is an aggressive way to control the state (OFF/PLAY) of all the tracks. Use it with caution! You can use the mouse pointer to select certain selection areas on the fly and only the tracks wrapped in the selection will sound.

This tool is not highly accurate at very high speeds (BPM and LPB very high). In this extreme case, you can play some line after the selection. It won’t happen with reasonable use of Renoise.


Update History

Playback Loop Selection v1.3.004, August 2020 (Recent)
  • Added: new option: “~ Auto Select/~ Enable Select All Tracks”.
  • Added: new option: “~ Disable PLS When Stop Song”.
  • Added: new option: “~ Turn OFF/PLAY All Other Tracks”.
  • Removed: column selection within tracks has been removed for convenience.
  • Improved: part of the displayed text has been improved.
Playback Loop Selection v1.2.003, August 2020 (Old)
  • Fixed: small spelling mistakes.
  • Fixed: initial selection was not working properly due to inconsistent column selection.
  • Improved: more consistent and orderly code.
Playback Loop Selection v1.1.002, August 2020 (Old)
  • Added: more menu options.
  • Fixed: the selection was lost when changing patterns in the sequence during playback.
Playback Loop Selection v1.0.001, August 2020 (Old)
  • First release.

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Thanks to @mat-weasel for suggesting this tool…

Enjoy it!


16LPB gets it really messy :smiley:

Hahaha you are amazing dude <3 <3 <3

Works great! Nice and to the point, Thanks @Raul

Very useful tool, Raul. Thanks! This can even help with setting loop points for long samples with autoseek on


Thanks Raul I will test it later when I get home

New Playback Loop Selection v1.1.002 published! Now the tool is more sophisticated and controllable.

Play at making selection with the mouse while the playback progresses. Use the menu options to customize it. Now there is also another keyboard command to unmark the selection.

Thanks for thanking!

Enjoy it!


Very useful tool, Raul! :+1:
One small bug, after I stop playing using the Space bar I have to hit CTRL+ALT+L twice.
Even smaller bug :slight_smile: There is a tooltip text: Start/Stop playback loop seletion. Should be selection.

Hi @Lemi. Thanks!

The native space key command has no influence on the tool. It’s independent. That is, the tool is activated / deactivated with CTRL + ALT + L, if you have linked this command.

You should look at the lower information bar of Renoise to remember if you have the playback loop selection started or stopped.

Thank you very much for hunting it! I had not noticed. Many times I am more aware of the code than the text. :grinning: Fixed for the next version.

New Playback Loop Selection v1.2.003 published! This version is final tuning. If all goes well, there will likely be no further updates.

Enjoy it!

Thank you for the reply! Final tuning, yes, uh :slight_smile: Can we have a new option to catch “Stop playing” Renoise function to deactivate the tool? It is always easier to press just one key (Space) rather than a combination of keys…?

Yes. This tool uses a custom timer. So it is possible to analyze almost any behavior to launch a new function. This allows many things.

I’m also thinking of adding the ability to:

  1. Select only current track or all tracks.
  2. If it’s just the current track, mute the rest.

But this is a bit tricky if the user changes states or adds / removes tracks while working the tool.

New Playback Loop Selection v1.3.004 published!

Now with more options. I couldn’t finish the tool without messing with the OFF / PLAY of all the tracks. This allows you to listen to the selection chunks on the fly using the mouse selection. Very useful tool!

Enjoy it!


Heck yeah, this is a very useful tool - c’mon down and get it!

WOW. Very useful! THANK YOU Raul! :+1:

would be handy if we just could make a selection, right click and do : selection ----> loop