New tool (3.3.0) Automated Sample Recording From MIDI Enabled Hardware

It’s been working great but today I keep on getting this error:

Rebooted, redownloaded & reinstalled the tool but no avail.
Both “Create a new instrument on each take” and “Compensate input and output latencies” are checked off.

I tried every permutation of turning things on/off including None/Pattern but nothing seems to work. :cry:

This is a bug in the tools configuration manager. I’m going to guess you changed your midi device. Maybe unplugged or plugged something new in? To fix this for now, select the first midi device in the tools list. Then select the midi device you actually want to use.

I’m away from the computer for the next few days but I’m fix the bug when I’m back


Thanks Chris for getting back to me, much appreciated!

I did not add any new midi devices but I did add an ancient PlayStation2-Controller-to-USB hub last week. That might have messed things up. So I did a Win10 restore point from before I added that one. And now your awesome tool works again. :partying_face:

Thank you!

ps. I did try selecting the first midi device in the tools list but that had no effect on resolving my issue.

@chrisr The same error has returned. :worried:

This time nothing has changed in my setup. Didn’t change any midi devices nor added any ancient controllers. So I’m in the dark as to what’s going on.

If you have any ideas on what might be going on or what I can try I’m all ears.


Hi. I’m finally recovered from Covid and am working on a fix for this now. It might be a few days as I’d like to make this area more durable all around.


I realize this can come across as mighty entitled but let me I assure that’s not my intention. Just wondering, how are things going with fixing this issue?

No worries. I have a semi working fix. I think I’ll toss a quick build to revert storing midi settings. This will fix your issue until I can complete the stable settings version.

Heads up @dogsplusplus

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grab the previous build for now. I fixing the persistent settings issue but I have limited time ATM

Good for expanders and other ‘sound bank’
But Using only samples,you cannot capture continual analog synth drifting

…But excellent Idea


not on topic but do know you can use Renoise envelopes to recreate the analog drift.

Need a more advanced random LFO


I think it could be done with actual devices (LFOs+meta mixer)(Formula)

A LFO rate can be feed by another LFO

Prime numbers

You can use a very low rate sin lfo, tie macros to freq, amplitude, and dephase, then modulate those (with reasonable range values set) on keypress with a macro automation doofer to create a very convincing analog drift. Usually I’ll just use a low amplitude random lfo in conjunction with a very slow sine with random dephase if I want to emulate drift


Hello everyone,

Happy (almost) new year!

I’m writing to share a bit about me and the future of this tool.

First, thank you dogsplusplus for creating this fantastic tool and welcoming my contributions to it.

Second, as co-maintainer of the tool, I want to see it succeed, not just for all of you but for me as well.

About me

I’m a full time professional in the Software Engineering field and I have a young family. My kids consume much of my free time and the little I do have, I don’t always feel like programming. In other words; I’m not making any promises. That being said, I do want this project to succeed.

Where we go from here

Believe it or not, I have actually moved this project forward quite a bit, albeit on my personal environment. There are some great features I plan on providing such as auto sampling multiple programs, saving programs and wavs, and much more.

I’d like to ask this community to submit feature requests and bug reports to the official project repo located at

From there, @dogsplusplus and I will create a roadmap for 2023 and provide as much functionality as possible.

If you would like to contribute, please ping me, @dogsplusplus, or just open a PR at Github.

I’m looking forward to making the best Renoise tool even better.

:peace_symbol: Jugwine


:wave: from the final hours of 2022.

Renoise Hardware Sampler 2.0 is right around the corner!

I will be uploading a beta build in the coming week. If you’re interested in beta testing, please ping me. The “WIP” release notes for V2 are:


* Tool would crash if previously saved MIDI device was no longer available

* Added multi-program sampling feature
* Added program preview and auto-preview feature
* Note settings are now saved as preferences
* Basic envelop settings can be inferred from tags
* WAV files can be automatically saved to desired path
* Instrument file can be automatically saved to desired path
* Added ability to open tool from the Renoise Tool menu
* Added key binding ability so tool can be opened via hot-keys

* GUI overhaul to make future features easier to implement
* A lot of backend code has been moved or refactored to help speed up contributor on-boarding
* Making the progress bar more visible and used to display more information 

Thank you Jugwine! I’m very happy and appreciative of the fact that you want to dedicate any of your free time to this tool at all. At the same time, like you’re doing here with your message and roadmap for 2023, it’s important to manage expectations. What we can reasonably look forward to seeing being implemented. So thank you also for that.

Out of curiosity, what makes you prefer github as a location for feature requests and such? I’m assuming your core audience lives here on the forum, it being a Renoise tool and all?

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Hey, thanks for the kind words.

Out of curiosity, what makes you prefer github as a location for feature requests and such? I’m assuming your core audience lives here on the forum, it being a Renoise tool and all?

If a person already has a GH account, this is easier for me. However, I’m happy tracking issues and bugs here in the forum.

I’m releasing a beta build this weekend. Stay tuned.

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New version alert: v2.0.0.0-alpha.1 ready for testing

This is not production ready but it’s still useful and I would appreciate any feedback you have. I’ll continue to work on this as my time permits.

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