New Tool (3.3): List Unused Patterns

New tool:

  • Lists the unused patterns not present in the sequencer:

  • Also provides a function to add all of the Non-empty unused patterns to the end of the sequencer.

  • You can if you want, delete the unused patterns in the renoise Edit menu after checking with the tool.

  • Refresh now automated [Re-check button to refresh the list- left for bug testing]

You will sometimes see empty unused patterns disappear when you change/ add/ flatten patterns in the sequencer. This seems to be renoise clearing empties when they are no longer necessary to keep the pattern indexing in order.


unused patterns

menu in sequencer:

unused menu

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  • now the readout text update us automated, but the re-check button is left for bug hunting, i.e. when pressed it shouldn’t give a different readout to what is shown.
    (should be removed in a more final version of the tool)
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v 0.54

  • added renoise notifiers to help efficiency in timer. Should help any lag on larger songs.