New Tool (3.3): Song Preview Sample

This started as an idea just to add a custom sample to a song that can be used as a preview when you are browsing your .xrns in the renoise browser. It turns out to be handy as a song revision record too when you use it to save multiple preview samples:

New alpha: Song Preview Sample

Gives custom regular reminders to update a preview samples(s) for your song + menus and shortcuts to automate much of the process:



  1. Render a pattern or part of a pattern that you would like as your preview sample (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R)

  2. Use instrument box menu Set Selected As #Song Preview Sample on that render . It gets added to an instrument named #Song Preview [0] .
    (shortcut of same as manu available too)

  3. Continue working on your song, then get a reminder after [X] saves, that you should update your preview sample. Repeat 1) and 2)

  • NOTE: Make sure you re-save again after setting the sample if you are planning to close renoise as the reminder comes after the original save action.

  • NOTE 2: If you use renoise’s ‘Delete Unused Instruments’ you will lose the preview instrument, so recommended to do deletions manually with the help of this tool. Or add a silent note from the instrument somewhere in your song.


Preview sample:
Instrument that gets created:

song prev



Found in:

Tools menu: Ledger`s Scripts:Song Preview Sample

You can set:

-U.S. date notation in sample naming - M/D/Y instead of D/M/Y
-An additional timestamp for the samples contained in the #Song Preview [X] instrument
-Reminder frequency: The default is 5, set to zero to disable reminders/ tool.

Screenshot 2021-10-16 045633


Update reminder:

This is what pops up after [X] saves. You can access the preferences/ skip until next reminder here too .



Within The Instrument:

Samples are named in format [DATE] : [TIMESTAMP] : [XRNS NAME]

Example with timestamp disabled here. You can see the song being saved under new names on the newer samples. The samples are also mapped from C-4 for most recent, down the white keys for easy previewing


White keys mapped, most recent at top (C-4).

white keys

Final Result:

Renoise Browser with Expanded xrns:

  • Now before you load an xrns you have used the tool with, you can check/listen to the preview samples.
  • Once the song is loaded you have a record of your progress and if you’re taking the mixing/ style in a better direction.

sample list in xrns

My Other Scripts

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v0.51 in first post

  • Bypass Song option was not working with the initialising dialog. It now
    will add an instrument named #Song Preview [b] which bypasses reminders for the song. You can enable reminders again by deleting this instrument or editing the [b] to a number (like [0] or [1]) and the tool will continue the count to the next reminder.

    Conversely you can also change a number to a [b] to bypass reminders for an already present #Song Preview instrument.

preview bypass


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0.52 in first post

  • added a skip option to the reminder dialog which will reset the counter to zero. You then wont be reminded until the reminder interval is reached again. (You will however have to re-save the song to save the re-set counter state )

prev skip

Ledger, I love your tools!

I downloaded this to use it, but sometimes I forget to make a preview :frowning:
A cool option would be: when i save, a notification hits up;

“this song had no preview sample, render one now” ?

and THEN make a selection, and render it…

I know… it’s a bit of a “needy” request, but it might be usefull to other users…

Hey there Rpnz,

Don’t you get this message on a new song/ save?

preview samp

If you mean auto rendering, I’ve had issues before when trying rendering stuff from the API so left this manual. It also leaves the user to select the right part of the song to render and not just the intro/ start bars each time.

Yeah I ment auto rendering… Nevermind… it’s a good tool, but somehow it’s not working in my workflow…
I think it’s just my fault… I have to force myself making renders.

I reallly adore all your tools, use them on a daily basis. Really wanna use this one, but it isn’t “user friendly” or something… ( for me )

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Hi there @Ledger ,

Love this tool. Woul be great if i right click a sample and press “set selected as preview sample” , it AUTOMATICLY goes to slot 0, for now… i have to do this automaticly

This would be handy and more efficient too, I think :slight_smile:

Hi Rpnz,

a late reply, but I think I tried something like this before and it didn’t work out reliably with renoise API rendering.