New Tool (3.3): Toggle Master Track Meter

The scripting roll continues:


(Not highly tested)

This tool is derived from a shortcut I’ve used hardwired to Voxengo Span. Had it for a while and use it all the time. It basically added/opened an instance of Span on the master track and then closes it with the same shortcut.

Decided I wanted to try another analyser so made it more generic with preferences to set any plug. Added a couple of spare shortcut slots too.

  • Includes 3 settable Shortcuts

`TMT` Toggle Master Plug Ed. 1
`TMT` Toggle Master Plug Ed. 2
`TMT` Toggle Master Plug Ed. 3

  • and preferences shortcut:

`TMT` Toggle Master Plug Prefs

To set a shortcut, load an instance of the plug in renoise and keep it as selected device . Open the prefs (target plug shows up in the top textfield) and click the relevant button for the shortcut you want to set.

If you use one of the shortcuts and it is not already set the preferences dialog will popup until it is set: