New Tool: AlmostDrums-NG

AD-NG is a follower of AlmostDrums,
other methods of sound creation are used
and there is a greater emphasis on Glitch creation.
More in the ABOUT section of the tool.

V0.01 Initial release
cz.martblek.AlmostDrumsNG_15012023.xrnx (94.4 KB)


Everybody checking this out - this is a beautiful Renoise drum/percussion/glitch production tool. I can’t stress this enough - @martblek put an incredible amount of time and effort into it. If you can, please support their effort (check the Tool’s “About” section).

I’m working on a new album and nearly all sounds are being created with this Tool and the Harmoniks tone generator Tool. They’re just top-notch. Here’s a demo:


Wow. Excellent work both of you.

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“Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner” : (


Yep, just an unlisted video. Since my album on Mille Plateaux isn’t released yet, and this is brand new, I’m just sharing it here. Also, the track isn’t finished :grinning:


Thanks a bunch!

I’ve installed it but I can’t find it in the Tools menu, or anyplace else. How do I get started with this?

In sampler/waveform window


A great tool, for sure! Has some awesome FM generation and the glitcher module is top notch. Lots of excellent features throughout! :beers:

What does NG stand for? Next generation?

Between this, harmoniks, zynzilla, CDP, and macuilxochitl I feel like I don’t need to look outside of renoise for any of my sound synthesis needs. Just awesome :grin:



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awesome tool. errors with indexing in lua. have to reload the tool again and reinstall again.

Can you post error messages ?


That’s a solid reason for Redux to support tools and scripts :disappointed_relieved:

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This rocks

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Thank you!

I hope someday the developers will implement this as a tab, and it will work as a full-fledged synthesizer. with automation options.

Ahh i see.
I’m using the latest version of renoise and it has the lowest pbm set to 20.

Somehow I had 3.3,2 installed. I am using my backup laptop.everything is fine in 3.4.2.
please disregard post. :wink:

This tool is ace! thank you for this