Machine View Like Buzz Tracker?

I’ve been a long time user of Buzz Tracker, and have recently purchased Renoise. While I’m finding Renoise to be overall much better, one thing I miss about Buzz was the machine view page that allowed you to route synths and effects,…this allowed me to get really crazy with routing and you could easily see where things were going in the “web”…would something like this be possible in Renoise? (only program I’ve seen with something similar is Reaktor)

here is a screenshot:

That would mean taking Renoise a whole new direction. AND it will be called ripping off.
Of course, it’d be great if in the DSP view one could wire the effects in any order (this we have) and also set serial or parallel routing. But still it’s a nice idea.

IMHO that screenshot is just a waste of screen estate

Been suggested before and would definitely be cool for routing purposes.

Also there are many programs besides Buzz and Reaktor that employ this visual connection scheme, I wouldn’t call it ripping off, rather a tribute to a working alternative. Hell, maybe this could even be scripted now through the powers of a genius :wink:

Audiomulch gives this kind of control over routing also :)

BuzzTracker had some fairly powerful things going for it, especially the instrument-specific pattern lengths, routing etc.
It’s still being developed for 32bit and 64bit pc’s, btw.

the way its done in audio mulch as the above screenshot shows is nice though IMHO

Buzz hasn’t really changed from it’s “one screen, one thing” mode, whereas with Audiomulch you can configure your screen estate whichever way you want…

I had no idea Buzz was still being developed…I finally just got tired of the bugs, it killed my productivity. The instrument-specific pattern lengths were definitely another plus of Buzz though.

Audiomulch looks pretty amazing…is it Tracker or Piano roll based?

Yep, Oskari Tammelin is still busy at work as you can witness from the changeslog that he updates pretty much daily. I also gave up on Buzz around 2001 because of the bugs. I guess this 2011 version of Buzz Tracker works much better. The instrument-specific-patterns are exactly what I’m waiting for Renoise to get :)

Audiomulch does have a timeline but no pianoroll. It’s not tracker-based. It’s pretty freeform, good for ambient drones or whatnot, but also for various other things: List of artists + releases done with Audiomulch

I’m glad its still being developed…it’s what I started on and have many great memories making music with it. Unfortunately I doubt it will ever be stable as Renoise though =(

I’m gonna have to check out the demo of Audiomulch…can it be Rewired?

I don’t think anything’s really as stable as Renoise, definitely not Buzz Tracker.

Well, so far no ReWire, unless if I’m wrong - which would of course be nice to hear in this instance. AudioMulch2.1 features

lol. so much smattering!

does anybody here even know that soft?! or tried it lately?! (buzz)
than PLEASE stop talking about it.


audiomulch is def. a nice live tool.
my only gripe would be, no multicore here.

EDIT: you are right. my fault… and my prob is and was “half knowledge / smattering”.
sry, 2 lazy 2 reply.

What exactly is your problem? Nobody is forcing you to read or comment on this post. :rolleyes:

Well very true for Renoise, but Buzz didn’t put everything on one screen like Renoise…it had tabs that let you view everything entirely on its own page. (machines view tab, pattern view tab, pattern matrix view tab etc.)You click the machine view tab and that’s what you would see.

That’s strange… that reads just like Renoise… DSP tab, Instruments tab, Pattern editor Tab, Sample editor Tab. Though, these are buttons, but they behave like tabs.
There seems to be no real difference here, only the layout differs.

The difference is that every thing is entirely on its own page in Buzz, …which in my opinion solves the problem of adding more features but not having room on the GUI. (like having to make the instrument envelopes smaller in 2.7 to fit everything)

Renoise buttons/tabs still share screen real estate with other functions, so everything has to be smaller to fit on the screen…but I guess this is just a matter of personal preference.

True and very valid points. (imho all the instrument settings should be on the middle frame at least to give you a share of my thoughts and in there i guess the connection view would also fit somehow)
But some parts like the DSP panel is a bit hard to put on the middle frame because the stuff is track-related so you most likely desire to also see the pattern editor when working with the DSP effects. Resizable frames would probably also make the GUI a bit more endurable.

Yes very much agreed, and Of course the way Buzz works does create the problem of only being able to view one thing at a time, it seems the best would be somewhere in between. Resizable frames does seem to be the ideal solution… I hope that’s what the devs go with.

i started out with Reason, so i love making strange connections with effects and such. therefore, i would love to see something like this in Renoise as well. i do agree with vV though that it would not be very useful (in the current GUI setup) to really have separate tabs for everything, simply because i purposefully combine some of those elements to see what’s going on. i’d (eventually) like to see some system where you could have resizable areas on the screen, and re-order the different GUI elements in these areas.

The principle is actually very simple: the line that is travelling the furthest gets the top position.
I’ve played around with the idea a couple of years ago (when we didn’t have routing, btw), but this is an updated version