New Tool: Clear Note Off Events

Here’s a tiny little tool that I use quite a lot, so maybe others will find it useful. It simply clears all note off events in a track. You can find it in the pattern editor’s context menu.

There’s a version for Renoise 2.6 (the one that ends with _26) and one for 2.7.


Ah nice! Thanks. :)

this is great

maybe someone can help me out. i am looking for what i think was a tool in 2.6, that would clear my note-off events, but only in this case:




that means that when you input the 2nd note-off, it will erase the first if there is no note in between. i’m posting here because i suppose anyone looking for a tool like that will stumble upon this one, as i did.

this one maybe?

yes, that does what i mean, but the thing is, it does it at the push of a button. i used to have it just do that automatically whenever i typed a 2nd note-off…

Whenever I enter a second OFF without another note in between the other OFF automatically gets deleted and this happens with Renoise out of the box. No specific extra tool installed for that.

ok, i was not sure, but it is a native feature. now where to find where to switch that on…

yes! thanks a lot Bantai.

this is one of the best scripts.

anyone still has this? i’m missing this one

This is very easy to program with a Lua tool. What exactly does it do? Does it scan the entire track or just the pattern-track?

track or selection.