New Tool: Get Track

2.7 beta version:

1800 2_7GetTrack0_53.xrnx

Another new tool based on the “Hacked version” of my Search For Track tool.

Instead of taking you to the track you search for, this one brings the found track to the next to of the current selected one.

[Track 03] Bass | [Track 04] Hihats |.......................................| [Track 13] Piano |

i.e. I am on track 03 (named “Bass”) and I want to campare it with track 13 ( named “Piano”).

  • I hit the shortcut for “Get Track”
  • I type the word Piano and when I see it appear in the field below, now I press enter.

Track 04 (Hihats) will be swapped with Track 13(Piano).

Bass and piano are now side by side to compare.

If I want to reverse the process after some edits, I stay on the bass track and repeat the above except do the search for Hihats.

1505 Get Track.PNG

Keybinding "Get Track"

1504 GetTrack0_53.xrnx


Glad you see some use for it. There seems to be a small notifier problem at the moment so an update will come sometime-ish.

It still seems useable though as renoise handles this (fully as far as I am aware by disabling the notifier ?)

This one is great too! Keyboard sorting :)

I had to go for F3 and Ctrl+F for these myself :)

2.7 beta version added: