New Tool: ReMorph

I was kind of bored today, so this was created this morning.
It’s an attempt at wavetable synthesis, with the fact that 2 samples are still needed for this.
From which and to which sample it will morph.
As the first sample in the instrument, from where and to the second sample in the instrument, where.
The number of samples to be created in the instrument is set,
the style of the transition according to the AD envelope.
You can also set whether the created samples will have a loop and what kind.
And lastly, it is set instrument mapping.


cz.martblek.ReMorph.xrnx (3.6 KB)

little update coz of wrong sample steps.
cz.martblek.ReMorph_v002.xrnx (3.8 KB)

some update for v003

  1. Keyzones mapping to full range
  2. Random sample start-stop loop if any
  3. Random Transpose with finetune ( hard coded for now)

cz.martblek.ReMorph_v003.xrnx (4.2 KB)

Ideas welcome.


How many harmonics are used?

Reading the code,not an “harmonics” approach…but granular

just interpolation from one wave to another

So it’s just a blending

I don’t think real sound morphing is possible without an “harmonics” approach…but maybe i’m wrong

It was just a quick idea of what it would do and how it would behave.
I didn’t really think about it mathematically.
Somehow it didn’t disappoint me so I posted it.


no problem

your code is clean

Maybe it can help you

surely a granular approach is possible…
better performance but less quality

But could be a good challenge

Interpolation is needed…so you have a good starting point

zero-crossing interpolation

Low level is the sample 1 chunk length
high level is the sample 2 chunk length

You two sure do know a lot about this @T-ger @martblek - have you created any other tone generators, etc. that we could use? I’m not a programmer, can’t make this myself.

Some things that would be nice to see as Tools for Renoise:

  1. Percussion Generator! BD/SD/HH/TOMS/Clicks
  2. Sample Glitcher - a way to create electronic glitch sounds, not a clone of DBlue’s “Glitch2” plugin.
  3. Easier ‘FM/PM’ synthesizer for single-cycle-waveforms - @martblek, your Harmoniks Tool, while additive, does make some beautiful FM/PM-ish waveforms already.

Personnaly,I never created any sound generator

the perfect “Sample Glitcher” doesn’t exist…like perfect “daw”

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1.) It is on my TODO.
Now some drum sound can be generated by my Resonator setting Mute parameter to max, but sounds too
much stringy coz is based on Karplus-Strong.
2.) Using sample slices only or SampleMultiController from @Raul
Dunno how to use native glitching (yet :))

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@T-ger @martblek - Actually, I’ll go ahead and disagree with your statement on a perfect sample glitcher. I’ve got a couple of methods that I already use, but they do not exist in the infrastructure of Renoise. I really don’t like using VST/AU plugins, and the more Tools that I can use directly in Renoise, the better.

But, I’ll show you two great glitching tools:

  1. Puremagnetik’s “Spindle” - gotta get it through Patreon, so no video to share. Basically takes a folder of your samples and glitches them all, and makes an entirely new set of samples to mess around with - great for rhythmic passages.
  2. Run audio through a granular plugin, then autoslice it in Reaper - a similar concept, but a different sound.
    Two FREE Plugins for CRAZY Glitch Effects! 🤯 - YouTube

These both work GREAT! But, as I am a Renoiser through-and-through, I’d love for some of these sorts of tools to be available natively. I think this glitch-type could, but would be not an easy task.


About glitching.
I know this is not technique but what about to make few FX columns
and few effects on track like Distortion, Phaser etc and switching these on off.
Manually or using automation. Just tested and seems to be working.


Macro granular…:wink:

If it work with no “click”,It’s surely because TakTik has injected a “Zero-crossing interpolation”
This sort of algorithm is read ahead,fore sure

I haven’t tested this

Yep, that works, but not in the way I’m looking for. I can route things in Renoise all day, this type of stuff is fun for me, but I’m looking for a sample-generator. You already create them. Wondering aloud, since you fixed ZynZilla - I believe with a few additions, one could take that structure and turn it into a glitch-noise generator all on it’s own, or add a possibility to load one’s own samples.

  1. Zynzilla would need a randomizer to adjust all the sliders - taking a cue from the PadSynth tool here - which has this built-in, currently.
  2. Adding in a few more noise options in the drop-down base waveform menu would give a ton more options
  3. Having an LFO to add on/off signals of varying length to the sound would create a glitchy sound
  4. Extending the length of the cycles would give longer samples (it already exists)

Imagine being able to drop in a drum-beat in Zynzilla, randomizing the sliders to add/subtract harmonics and volume. It’d be a glitch-forest of sound.

ZeroCrossings might help to create a pile of slices, which can then be adjusted to fit the keyboard. Now the end-user has a glitch-pile to use as percussive instruments!

What you want is impossible in realtime with renoise tool (stop to play as a donkey)


With this tool,many little wonderful “MIDI” VSTs will appear…and so on

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@T-ger Also not looking for a real-time tool - I enjoy processing sound to make samples with Renoise, before I start composing. Just want to work entirely in Renoise and not use other DAWs, plugins, etc.

Yes…I have understood that using only renoise for a track is important for this community

I don’t know if “portable” VST could be compressed in a renoise file…and if license of free VSTs permit it

Adding random settings for the harmonic parts and their phase shift (now I feel like Scotty) is the least.
I have that worked out in Harmoniks. Adding noise is also not a problem.
LFO can only be used with a programmed user doofer that will control some things in the tool using macros. The question is rather whether Marco will expand the tool or simply someone fork it :slight_smile:

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