New Tool: Repeat Previous Effect

Repeat previous effect


Repeats the closest effect “above” (the previous effect).

When being in a note column: Copies all effect columns from the previous line with at least one effect.
When being in an effect column: Copies only the previous effect in that column.


Keybinding preference is found under Global:Tools:Repeat Previous Effect

(I have it set to ctrl-r)

I hope it’s bug free. Let me know if you want it to handle vol/pan/dly columns in some way, or if you just like it :)

hi. a shortcut which would decide whether the delay/pan/vol is copied or whether only the effect column is copied or something.
this is how “.” works in schismtracker.

haven’t tried this tool yet but with previous effect I guess you mean patterncommand and its values?

I guess you mean the same thing, yes. “Pattern command” is referred to as effect in other shortcuts or “Pattern effect commands” in the help, I think.

Update for 2.8 and significant speed up posted.