New Tool: RubberBand-Aid

Hello all,

After grappling with the legacy Rubberband tool (which worked great for whole samples), I wanted to have access to some of the experimental options in Rubber Band, in addition to the ability to work on sample selections. I came up with this:

It works great for my own needs, and I wanted to let it out into the community. Please give it a try and let me know if anything horribly breaks. Lua’s not my first language, but I’ve tried to make the tool as robust and flexible as possible.

Have fun and make adventurous music!

02.stretch.advanced 04.pitch.advanced 06.multisample.advanced


Very nice addition to the Renoise set of tools - thank you!

Thanks for sharing friend

Excellent tool, thanks!

Thanks for the kind words!

This looks awesome!

And indeed thanks for sharing!

I just uploaded a new minor version with a few bugfixes, with improved performance and clearer status messaging.

v0.6: 2020-05-19
- Improved status messaging
- Added coroutines to help keep UI from locking up during long operations
- Improved codebase
- Fixed: Incorrectly shifted loop points when timestretching
- Fixed: Loop mode reset for some pitch shifted samples
- Fixed: UI issues with button disabling and status text

Wow!!! I am commenting before trying because it looks exactly what I need :slight_smile:
If it is something like Celemony Melodyne (non-destructive, load-and-process-pitch-in-memory) plugin, then it would be possible to mix everything with everything!

Well, first that comes to my mind is possibility to create something like this:

Queen vs RATM vs Prodigy vs Skrillex - We Will kill the Breathe of Bangarang - Djs From Mars Bootleg

I will let you know how it goes!!!

Thanx a million! :grinning:

Just uploaded a fix for a serious bug which made the tool unusable for Windows users. Now fully tested working on Windows.

v0.7: 2020-06-01
 - Fixed path issues on Windows
 - Windows tested working

Good name on this one :slight_smile:

Looks great! downloading now, thanks for sharing!

I’d like to request a feature:

It’d be great if Undo command undoes the entire transformation that RubberBand-Aid performed, rather than only undoing the previous step in the sequence of actions it performed.

For example, if I just RubberBand-Aid’s “Time Stretch” command to stretch a part of a sample, currently in order to get back to the state of the sample before the stretch was performed I have to hit Undo 5 times:

1 - Undo Delete instrument
2 - Undo Change sample data
3 - Undo Create new sample
4 - Undo Change SampleData
5 - Undo Insert Instrument

Instead of this, I’d like to request that a single Undo command undoes everything RubberBand-Aid did to restore the sample to the state it was in before I issued the “Time Stretch” command.

Thank you for doing the Renoise lord’s work. This is some great stuff, great GUI design and take on the classic Rubber Band tool. Really helps amplify the time stretching we have in 3.2!

Having a centralized Undo command would be great, as fugue said. But hey, programming is hard, take it easy :).