New Tool: Scale Finder (2.7)

Behaves similar to

I have bunch of other features planned too, but it has it’s uses already.

Excellent! With my limited grasp of musical theory this will save me lots of time, thank you. I look forward to future updates too :)

I like your web-based scalefinder, having it integrated into renoise is great! Thanks!

The Renoise Scale finder is also more functional than the web based version already. If you didn’t know. :)

Please let me know if there are any requests for new features.

Awesome, thnx! :)


Cool stuff! Some comments:

Throw keys?
I want to be able to press spacebar to start/stop Renoise. I can’t do it unless I forcibly select between the script window and Renoise. Taktik improved the API to allow this a couple of versions ago.

Bug or strange behaviour?

  • Sometimes when I click quickly, Renoise starts playing but doesn’s stop.
  • Other times I keep the mouse down, Renoise plays until I release.
  • Insert Note-Offs on release?
  • Or, is it even necessary that this script controls the transport? I don’t think so…

The quickly clicking seems to be some sort of race condition I think? Not sure, had it too.

The idea is to PREVIEW the chord you entered, so while holding down the button you can hear the chord (or whatever comes after it), just like in the web version.

I will make this sort of preview optional in future versions.

I will add some keys to the script too so you can start/stop playback and maybe navigate a little.

How about simply forwarding key presses to the Renoise application?

local function keyhandler(dialog, key)  
 return key  
end"ScaleFinder", _content_view,keyhandler)  

I don’t think they arrive to the pattern editor, will they? Cause the focus is elsewhere.

This will only forward “global” keyboard shortcuts, not the entire QWERTY. But still useful :)

Some way to create focus free dialogs would be cool though.


scripting is really great for those niche functionalities which aren’t universally needed in renoise.

For Ticky Roll I use this work/ hack around:

 --focus pattern_editor = false = true  

Not perfect but helps if you are working in the pattern editor.

A sort of option like “Enable Keyboard” for scripts that we have for VSTs would be great I agree.

great tool. found a bug:

stand on effect column. open scale finder. click the first (I) button. error.

Unfortunately not, as it actually has to be inserted to pattern to make it sound, but I guess there would be some hack around this too… Fortunately for you, it only edits single line, it doesn’t jump on, so you can try several chords and leave the one you like.

There is another issue with that though, some chords which have fewer notes than previous ones will leave the residual notes intact, so it is also played. I am still thinking for a workaround for this.

Uploaded a new version under tools:

Some bugs are fixed.

Excellent work Suva! Had some fun learning about obscure scales I didn’t know about. The interface is very stylish.

Not that I really need this tool, but are you planning to add some more chords to the list like 4 note chords, augmented and 7ths?

Augmented and 7th chords are already there. Not all of them come out with every scale though.

I will add those add9 chords and stuff too in near future.

this is a cool tool.can you add something like this???