New Tool "Sync All Notes In Group"

version 1.07

  • slightly faster auto operation

More thoughts @ vV

The problem with this for my tool is that sometimes you want multiple changes to be synchronised. i.e. ctrl x a selection. The pattern_line notifier only returns a boolean so there is no other info on the nature of the change.
If it is a selection when the cursor is not even on that track then you would have to go through some pretty intensive line checking for each track to discover what happened wouldn`t you?

No only for that tracks that are involved.
You already limited your tool for group tracks that have a certain identity (*groupname) which means that already limits the amount of tracks to scan for.
You simply scan each line for differences between all tracks (differences except instrument numbers) until you hit a line that contains changes, you pick that one line and analyze:is only one track different? Synchronize the other tracks with all changes. Are more tracks changed? don’t synchronize.
Cursor-position can be used as an offset to start scanning from, but is indeed tricky (what if we are dealing with selections that start above the cursor?).

Yes only for the grouped tracks but still when I did some testing for this I got quite some slow down in the tool. A standard 12 column track with 64 renoise lines equals 768 “scripting” lines/cells to run an equality test on. Ok in most cases you can check visible columns but still a lot of checking.

“Are more tracks changed? don’t synchronize.”
In this scenario, if a cut / copy /paste has been done over more than one of the tracks(but not all) you will still want syncing in some cases.

To be honest the tool works well for me as it is. It is quick enough and the alternative undo works. I don`t want to slow things down hacking around this. I have requested a couple of things in the API that would help improve things, but for the moment I think I will leave it as it stands.

Thanks for the input/ tips though, I`m very pleased with the auto behaviour you pointed out was do-able!



[/b]-- Added a shortcut for “Collapse All Synced Tracks”
This collapses all the destination tracks in groups marked with a “*”. The source track is left in it`s current state expanded/collapsed

–Now the destination tracks will mirror the same Vol/Pan/Delay states - i.e. if these columns are visible or not



–[/b]Fixed bug where two group tracks were added instead on intended one on “create synced track”

This tool is very useful, thanks a million!

Glad it’s useful thanks for the feedback! I`m trying out all sorts of instrument layering with this now :)

A new version is up in the first post:


Now Up on Tools Page, no changes still v1.1:


1.2 now up on tool`s page


Option for “Only Sync Selected Group Enabled” added under “Ledger`s Scripts” / “Sync All Notes In Group”. This option means only the group with the cursor present in it will be synced. This allows the tool to work faster
when there are a lot of groups to sync. Any changes made in other synced groups may be missed when cutting selections etc. which is the trade off.

Bug fixed where non “*” groups would be auto-synced with new “Only Sync Selected Group Enabled” mode

Thanks for making this tool. It’s such a big workflow improvement. Doubling is one of the most powerful mixing techniques imo, but I’ve always been hesitant doing it manually in Renoise.

Could you please add the option to offset a doubled track by n lines? We could then use it to track manual delays (good for chiptunes).

Yes I look forward to a day when something like this is a native feature in renoise, layering can really make a difference.

To be honest I probably wouldn`t be planning on implementing this, I wanted to keep this tool fairly simple and coding wise it seems a lot of messing around dealing with pattern boundaries etc.

Is this not fairly simple to achieve with a DSP delay on a Synced track though anyway?

i.e mute source, 100% send, zero feedback, and enable Line Sync:

It occured to me recently that this tool can have another use; to mimic a localized send.

Just make the synced track a duplicate track.


  1. Duplicate the VSTi you want to parallel process in the instrument list (to a new slot)
  2. Right click the duplicate instrument and choose “Create synced track”
  3. Add your fx to the new track that is created in the group
  4. Adjust volumes on each track to mix right.

If you are using samples and not a plugin you don`t need to do the duplication, just create a synced track with the same instrument.

This method will be more CPU intensive (mainly if VST) than using a send as you are doubling the source instrument but it can be useful to keep things organized.

So far I’ve been using this for eqing reverbs, which I`m often lazy setting up sends for.


Your advice on adding a normal delay effect is obviously great. (I’d still prefer offsetting for the sake of how the note data looks visually, if the feature was there. No big deal.)

However, there is another use for an offset feature that could offset both directions. I like to double things, offset, add a 100% wet reverb and automate this track. That will give you a dedicated preverb track.

I understand if it would be a hassle to implement.

Would be a bit of hassle and the tool is already a bit hacky as things stand with the current notifiers , I think this will make things worse.

Also I`ve also got a couple of other scripts on the go at the moment which I want to finish and another I really want to start.

Understandable. I can see a lot of potential in expanding this tool. Posting this here for future reference :)/>

This could be a substitute for my idea in this thread: Note data processing layer with the only drawback that it requires to have an ‘original track’ present.

Fixed a bug where patterns longer than 64 lines wouldn`t be synced properly with manual sync.

Hi Ledger, when I tried to download it, it took me to a page that said:
“The requested page “/sites/default/files/tools/ledger.scripts.SyncAllNotesInGroup_Rns280_V1.23.xrnx” could not be found.”

Would love to try this tool, would be really useful for me.

Some tools got lost during the database upgrading for API support 4.0. (well they didn’t got lost but they caused problems and corruption during auto migration so they were left out.)
All script authors who have tools that are no longer available on the tools site are kindly encouraged to reupload their tools whether upgraded or not :)

Added the latest 2.8 version to the first page of this thread for now:


It seems there was a date roll-back aswell though. I put up my toggle reference track tool, relatively recently and the whole thing has disappeared: Also updates to VSTi from menu have been rolled back so new feature explanations and picture have gone. I hope this will be fixed as it will be a complete pain to do this manually for changes made in the last month(+)