New Track: "porsche Driving"

Track: “Porsche Driving” approx 2.30 Minutes…schedriving.exe

…exe because integrated player… don’t worry about this…

Made with latest renoise version

This is a really really hot track, turn on your speakers and listen this ultra-hot track!!!

Porsche rulez!!!

Brother, I don’t think you’re having NOBODY downloading and executing that.
Want my opinion?
Take your ultra-hot track, take it out of the ultra-hot exe, encode it in a ultra-hot mp3 or Ogg and then post it back :)
Just my opinion.
And no. I haven’t downloaded that.
And no. I am not intended to do it.

:) Peace

Well I am a developer and the player extracts the mp3 into the program directory and plays it via the mci interface - no less no more.

I have packaged the song on my company-website into my own player to show some creditz. In future versions I am playing some 2D or 3D animations during playing the track.

Hm. Its not fair to blame my work.


It’s strange, though… I’m automatically not too keen on downloading the exe myself, but if it was some kind of freeware/shareware game with your music in it, I wouldn’t hestitate so much… Don’t know, integrated player for mp3’s and generally anything but farbrauch-works seems kind of… unnecessary, if you know what I mean.

No offence, but I’d prefer something that ends with dot OGG…

I can’t open it using “run as”, so it won’t be opened. Try posting a real file–I will NOT install a program to hear a song.

If you’re too lazy to create an mp3 or ogg or rns file, people are going to be too lazy and stubborn to check out your song.

What’s so hard about posting an mp3 or ogg?

When using a hex editor on the file, the only text info I could find on what the file is:


So we’d need to register the software too?

“stream error”

Hmm, stream error eh? A 3.31mb file for us to download to install that doesn’t even contain the actual song???! We have to listen to streaming audio?! You’re out of your mind if you expect people to install that software.

Well I “installed” the thing and listened to it. The exe copies a mp3 to the exe’s location and deletes it again when you close the exe. In the meantime you can copy the mp3 to another location and then play it the familiar way.
Didn’t like the song as a piece of music. But it could do the job in a car chase at breakneck speed (maybe accompanying good old Chase HQ). Some of the effects are nice.

He owns the webspace, so there’s no reason he can’t put the file up as a normal mp3 or ogg–he wants to showcase his programming.…ws/Coding-Demos

This link takes you to his coding demos–the music is an afterthought–the main showcase is the player program and other demos.

Yes it is a track for the underground car-scene and the best is, the car-samples are from a Porsche GT-II. Its a track for car-freaks who like to drive fast as hell.

I’m so sorry about the problems I am reading about the "exe file.

I can try to explain some things, but I won´t change my strategy in this case.

Well as Kizzume has seen this correctly, my job is to develop programs. Making music is a hobby for me and using Renoise for this is a pleasure.

As a developer, I had the idea to make a small player and integrate the mp3 into the exe file just for testing if this is possible and how it works (a technical experiment).

Additionaly, Kizzume has evaluated the exe-file with a hex-editor. I have a license for a exe-crypter that encrypts and protects the exe-file against modifications and debugging to prevent it as good as possible against viruses or other things. Technically its a copy protection without the requirement to limit or restrict the player in any way. I have a license for the protection, so … why not using it just for fun.

So we’d need to register the software too?

Its just a message of the protector that never will come up. Its really not important. The name of the protector is, if someone is interested “Armadillo”.

“stream error”

I dont know this error message and I am very sorry for that.


Has nothing to say its garbage in this case from the protector.

Is there any reason to protect a free programm. Not really, but it’s funny.

We have to listen to streaming audio?!

No. I cant explain this problem I am very very sorry for that.

Well I “installed” the thing

There is nothing to install its a self-extracting exe that plays a mp3 track and removes it if the player has closed thats all.

What’s so hard about posting an mp3 or ogg?

I don´t know I am a coder I need to code whatever just for fun.

It remembers me on the best time I ever had in my life that was the c64 and amiga-scene. Demo-Coding and so on… everything in one file.

Some of the effects are nice.


Well, I will continue using my self-developed player and in the next version I am planning to show some flying stars or so or showing some images or whatever.

The MP3, as I said, is not “protected” or whatever. Its extracted if the “exe” starts and it removes itself if the track ends. Thats all.

I am so sorry about these reactions and I can explain whatever is necessary to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

The short version: I am a developer, I made my own player, thats all. I want it, if someone is interested in my tracks - ok, if not, I am very sorry for this but I need to improve my coding-skills all the day to stay in business (its a technical decision).

The exe file is really nothing “dangerous” and its located on my small, nothing-special mini-company-website.

You’re simply going about this the wrong way, man! :rolleyes:

When you post info on a new song, we expect audio files, not software. Just say something like:

“Hey guys, I’ve got this sweet little program that plays a tune I made, wanna check?” in stead of presenting it like you did. We feel cheated when presented with exe’s when we expect mp3/ogg/rns. Strange, but fact!

Oh, and maybe even give it some Renoise-gfx and say it’s a renoise-themed mp3-player which only plays the song included!

There, problem solved! :D

Oh, and the tune sounded like something that would work nice in a racing game menu.

Well I suppose we should. Why shouldn’t we?

It might be an idea to put it in Off Topic but there’s no reason to be upset about it being presented in the wrong forum.

True, which is why I deleted my post. I’m not known to be very held-back when I’m typing messages–and I apologize for the negative tone and possible ranks in my last message that I just deleted.

I wish things, as far as viruses, trojans, malware, and spyware were like it was back in the c64 and Amiga days–oh for shame the boot bandit virus :) --but we’re living in the times we’re living–no matter how trustworthy someone can make themselves look, they may not be and the potential for unknown software to be buggy (like bluescreen of death buggy) or spyware/malware/virus/trojan-ridden is very high. Unless it’s software I’ve seen reviews for somewhere or have even heard of in some way shape or form or can at least analyze it enough to say yea or nay, I don’t install it and I know that many other people are the same way.

So would you mind if I post a link to JUST the song so you can get more people to hear it?

A genuine way of “taking it back” :P

So would you mind if I post a link to JUST the song so you can get more people to hear it?

I will post a mp3 for the renoise-community so maybe no one kills me again.

Oh, and the tune sounded like something that would work nice in a racing game menu.

Its made for the real low-car-scene, listening this track in a racing-game would be nice, too.

The next track I am planning is for drag-racing.

:lol: :lol: the old good Byte bandit… and friends…

I told ya :)
I’m sure that in the Off-Topic you can find a better field for your experiments.
Another suggestion:
Drop the ultra-cool stuff… and be clear on your intentions.

Now go… remember what learned you have… :)


:huh: :rolleyes: :P :D :lol: :lol: :lol:

another idea…

that is and was my last posting in this forum about my music.

Your virus-paranoia is somewhat …

I don’t need to present myself or what I do. I had the idea to give something back with some tracks for the public, but… seems to be a wrong idea.

Not for such people like you.

Drop the ultra-cool stuff.

Go home.

Waaah, waaah, they don’t want to run my software! There’s a big difference between “give something back with some tracks for the public” and getting people to betatest your proprietary mp3 player that has no options and displays a cheap ad banner. If you’re advertising a song, then have a song available, not an untested program you wrote yourself that plays your song.

Again, we’re not living in the C64 days or the Amiga days–obviously you are still are living in those times and you think everyone else should be too. Viruses trojans spyware and malware aside, untested programs can be quite an issue. If a C64 or Amiga crashed you simply turned it off and on. If Windows crashes it CAN BE a whole different ballgame. Time warp time warp. Reality check.

I’m with Kizzume on this one.

x-itec, you’re very welcome to post more players with mp3’s included, but unfortunatly this IS the reaction you can expect from people who expect mp3/ogg/rns.

Look at the bright side, at least you got some constructive feedback! If you can’t see that, too bad.