ello ppl how u doin… as u can see im a newbe

im trying to work with Renoise but im find it hard in few aspects…

1: i got m-audia usb keyboard and it dosent seems to be playing with Renoise

2: do i need a soundcard for the program so it can run…

3: where can i get samples… cuz i havent got any



1: my m-audio usb keyboard works just fine with renoise… see if your midi keyboard is selected under midi input (edit -> preferences -> MIDI -> in device A)

2: what use will any audio application make without a soundcard? or did you mean some special soundcard? if so then no, renoise runs also just fine with ordinary onboard soundcard…

3: dig the internet, there are tons of samples out there. We also have this sticky thread so you can check there…

need more input! ;D
do you have experience with other audio software/hardware? if so, let us know.
Tracking is a world of it’s own.

do you have other software that it ‘is’ working properly under?
if so, then what trackit wrote is perfect!
it is required to register an account to download there.
however google does not. ;)
google is your best friend.

to use google to find samples:
Type or c/p the following into google search:

?intitle:index.of? wav snare

then change ‘snare’ to whatever you need.

Try The Grid for drum samples. Search for ‘breaks2dl’


thnx guys… if i get stuck somewhere or need helps… can i ask plz


i worked with Kinetic 2 but for some reason aint working anymore…

i aint using any other software for beat-making at the moment ( Renoise only ) trying though