"newbie" Q: Chordspace With Synth1 ?

Hi there,

I’ll be honest, I’ve been using Renoise as an overblown tracker, using free VSTi’s and samples and purely making music [or trying to :D ] with the concept of the old Fasttracker way of tracking in mind (samples and effects, that’s about it). This means that I never tackled MIDI and so on (only using a three octave MIDI keyboard to fiddle around and enter notes) so I have no idea how MIDI ‘works’…

So, yesterday, I’ve stumbled upon Chordspace [old (free) version here : http://www.chordspace.com/ChordSpaceindex.htm ] and was wondering if someone would be having some extra time to guide me in using this with [eg] Synth1? A quick tutorial (press this / enter that) would be very helpful… Of course : only if you have the time of course…

thanks a bunch!

Hi, :)
Please refer to this tips.

hi there!

My apologies for the late reply, was rather occupied with real life :)
But thanks Sato for your kind reply AND the tutorial > EnergyXT worked like a charm and I didn’t know that Renoise didn’t have MIDI ‘routing’ “problems” (or better : just lacking those features)…

So my sincere thanks :)