Next Renoise Logo (beta)

Dont get me wrong I like the current logo, Im just having a bit if fun , feedback welcome . Post your own ideas or designs…

I don’t know about you, but doesn’t a pixelized ‘R’ seem to be going in the wrong direction? I personally think that the current symbol and logotype look quite powerful, but that’s just me.

I very Like The Second One !!!

Stunning work! I luv the 2nd too.

ditto on the second

dont’ like the font. looks too soft or not so cool at all … and I don’t see the need of such big change on the logo-font for a new major release …

but if you had fun sevenscientist, you’ve used your time well! :)

yah, i don’t think the logo needs changing, but i liked the ideas :3


What will happen to the people who have the old logo tattoo’d on them? Hmmm… They will out of date…

Pretty to look at, but that font style just seems so overused in modern products you see on the web. I could be imagining, but it just gives me that impression. I might have said the same thing about the current Renoise logo if I had been around when it was made, but I’m so used to it that I think it’s good, at least the “R on the diamond” version. And the pixel R is just way too cheesy.

I agree.

Freshened up the logo for my custom splash screen.

Well, it follows the trend by flattening everything out, which I don’t too much personally. I also find the font to be way too round. I guess it’s not my cup of tea :)

i agree that the current logo is fine and rounded-but-futuristic fonts are a little played out,
but that being said, the second logo is fresh.

This is hot, the present logo is a bit clumsy but this definitely improves on the original without changing direction. This is late 90s done right, which is kinda the whole point of Renoise.

sevenscientists stuff is good, but it’s just not Renoise. You gotta keep some of that Designers Republic dorkyness in there, you can’t just go all Swiss all of a sudden.

I dunno, but the current logo seems to me much more catchy and, state-of-the-art, like. These are good but there’s something about the font that’s very… i dunno, apple.corp -esque.

But good design practice, nevertheless.

Sorry SevenScientist but I don’t particularly feel any of yours improve on the current logo personally. I could almost be persuaded to go for Vastique’s version though…

I actually laughed out loud :lol:/>

I love all the designs here. Vastique’s in particular, only the first ‘r’ could be a little more squashed imo.