NI Guitar Rig 5 fails to initialize

Hi! I hope I´m just being an idiot, but…

Since I upgraded to version 3.2.1 for an unknown reason Renoise fails to load NI Guitar Rig Pro 5 VST. I’ve used it extensively with previous version(s), so perhaps I’m just doing something wrong.

The error I receive:
“Failed to initialize the plugin ‘VST: Native Instruments GmbH: Guitar Rig 5’.”

Can somebody hopefully please shed some light on this? Thanks in advance for your time! <3

What system are you on? Works fine for me on Win10 as VST64, no issues.

I don’t have Guitar Rig 5, but I had a similar issue with 4. It may have been in Cubase. Long story short, I discovered that after I opened the standalone version the first time (then closed it), then later opened the plugin in a DAW, the crashing no longer happened. I believe it had something to do with a UI initialization thing. Maybe give that a shot.

Thank you for the suggestion, alas it didn´t solve the issue. I´m also on Win10 running VST64. I guess I´ll reinstall GR5, hopefully that will help.