Nintendo Ds Tracker :)

i own a ds which i play scrabble and advance wars (and sod all else) on.
Im tempted to get the hombrew hardware to try this out.

I have tried it and it is pretty cool BUT… the developer of nitro tracker seems to have given up the project or at least taken a really long break :(

Pity… id like to end up with desktop, laptop and ds stacked up like russian doll tracking solutions!

Would be good live too.

I wonder what the current smallest machine (with a keyboard) that can run renoise would be? Anyone follow laptops or big pdas enough to know? Just out of intrest really… im broke

the Asus Eee should run it easily under Win XP

Edit: hmmm, the screen resolution would be a problem, though


How well does it work? Is it fun over time, or is it just a gimmick so far?
And could this be more than just fun?

wondering what to wish for this christmas. besides world peace and the end of hunger and poverty

was going to ask the same thing… also… what extra hardware are you using to run it?

Im hoping a lot more music homebrew is made. Id love something like the monome.
If someone came up with a load of controlers along those lines it would be a great live tool what with the touch screen and wireless.

Ive been wanting a really handhelp sampler sequencer since the small qy machines… :)
scroll down to the ds keyboard… !

i’ve played with it, i really liked it a lot.
you can record into it with the DS built-in mic and entering notes is comfortable, just touch the on-screen piano keys

real easy and cozy sketch pad

checkout PSPseq on PSP too

It’s fun if you’re stuck somewhere for a long time but don’t mind/have people looking at you funny for making weird sounds into your DS. I can’t take it seriously until it has effects commands, let alone amplitude. Good for some quick, lo-fi beatmaking fun, though.

i wish there was a real tracker on psp … i begged the developer of milkytracker to port it, even offered him $ but sadly he declined :P i got octamed working in the amiga emulator, but the sound quality is terrible :( thinking about it makes me start lusting after this again though… i guess i’ll try some more trackers in the psp dosbox port :)

I was just browsing these the other day! They re linux at the moment arent they?
Maybe this mini laptop is the ideal candidate for a renoise based os :)


Sorry got overexcited. I loved it but tipped tea over my cart :(

No effects vsts in nitro of course but what tracking commands/effects?

There is also LSDJ for the gameboy, which i totally love using. :yeah:
nanoloop is really nice too!

Well the version I tried was a bit buggy but it is fun that you can record your own samples on the fly thanks to the built-in microphone of ds. I guess it has potential to become something really great but at the moment there are to many limitations.

Hey Gnute, if I only knew you wanted a portable tracker I’d have sold you my iPaq with Milkytracker, definetly a very decent portable solution! I found that a bit more interesting than nitrotracker on my ds, exept it definetly looks nicer. ;)

What I’d love to see on Nitrotracker is more customizable keys, I guess. It doesn’t feel as natural for me as it should, but there are constantly being developed software for the DS, it’s an exellent homebrew machine although with rather limited memory so it won’t load the bigger mods. DSorganize, which basically turns the ds into a handheld pc, plays back some mod formats (xm for example) but is limited to sample size as quite a few mods don’t play back at all. And there’s the volume limit which bugs me and keeps me from using this as my favourite portable media player. A plus side is the price AND the amazing battery life. Oh, and DSdoom. And DSquake. :D

But nitro is fun. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed. :)

word! killer handheld setup: 0ld grayboy with lsdj :yeah:


yes, yes, you should have. I have absolutely no qualms about people looking at me funny.

Wooohooo on that job, by the way. coffee? tea? coffee? tea? :D

yea was wondering people’s opinions on the psp trackers since i’m debating buying one for emu purposes mainly
love chiptune sounds and sid usage on old gaming systems
nes/gameboy/genesis etc
waiting on a new commodore 64 to come in the mail so i can order prophet64 cart for it which is on backorder atm unfortunately, but has some sick 303 cloned sounds in its 303 emu

i’ve had a PSP for over 2 years and i don’t use it for making music. pspkick and psprhythm are pretty much like toys and not serious music writing tools. past that, there are not any significant native psp homebrew apps for writing music… so you will most likely have to resort to emulation. you can use LSDJ on the gameboy emulator if you’re into that thing. i haven’t personally tried the commodore emulator, but it may work out for you. i’ve tried several trackers on the amiga emulator and they’re all pretty much too slow/bad sound to be usable. same with DOS although i’ve only tried a couple (ST and IT) … i’ve been meaning to try emulating trackers on some of the other emulators like the atari ST, amstrad cpc, etc… but for me personally, it would only be useful if i could save .MOD files or something that i could import into a tracker on my computer and continue working on at home… so that’s why i’ve been disappointed.

but anyway, i highly recommend PSP as a gaming system. i’ve gotten SO many hours out of it… full speed PSX, SNES, Genesis, (and of course all consoles older than that) and even fullspeed gameboy advance emulator (!), it’s great :D

nah man commodore cart is more of a production cart utilizing sid unit onboard check it

Have you tried PSPSeq yet? It is a really, really sweet program that has some very nice synthesizers built in. The FM synthesizers in particular are very, very good and have a very nice retro-FM sound to them depending on how you tweak them. They are only 2OP but they have a dozen waveforms to choose from. Also, everything is tweakable in the sequence, so you can make some pretty crazy Cylob-ish FM madness easily with it. There are only 2 major things that keep it from being a killer-app music tool for the PSP. The first is that when you create a new pattern, all your synthesizer settings are gone. So you have to either copy an entire pattern over and delete all the sequence events or write it down on a notepad. An extension of this is that you can’t save synth settings. Another is that the sampler only does one wave at a time, which is fine, but it’s also kinda goofy (but glitchtasticly powerful) doing offsets with breakbeats, but this as an aside it can lead to some happy accidents. Using PSPSeq is, in a word, akward, but it’s really surprisingly sophisticated for a music system on a portable game console.