No good music apps for it, but so what?

microsoft = haha, couldn’t make a good os evaaaa!!! especially a sleek one that works on different devices and is stylish! bill gates sucks!!!

nokia = haha, i remember them! they suck, their phones suck now! yeah, they gonna make a comeback, uh-huh, wtf? whatever! so last decade…


somehow, i think they got it all together and made the best phone ever??

my android phone broke yesterday and i was looking around at the store today and playing around with stuff and was dumbfounded by this one thing there. i think i’m buying a a lumia 920 in the morning. yup, gonna do it. apple and google suck.

how’s that for off topic?

My next phone will probably be a windows phone too. When Apple and Google are long gone, Microslut will still be here… Gates --> “the biggest genius of em all.”

Apple without Jobs, is Walmart without Walton… Something that peaked shortly after the death of the founding CEO, and will take many years to unravel… but… unravel it will. Walmarts unraveling has been taking longer though… Apple is falling apart quickly!! imho… I think its stock will be at $350 – $400 during 2013… We shall see I reckon…

If you want to know, what will happen to Apple, just look at JCpenny. JCpenny, snagged an Apple Exec, “johnson?” and made him CEO… But who is, “johnson, without jobs?” Obviously, not a candidate to head a multinational corporation… and if you look at Apples current CEO… “cook,” he is not making waves like some of the legendary CEO’s who came in to do business, when the founding CEO was no longer available… For eg, Fords, “Mulally,” or Delta’s, “Anderson,” or ibm’s “Gerstner.”

I’m going to link a CNBC article, that asks, “is this a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy apple.” The article basically classifies Apple as a company that is no longer a, “growth stock.” However, sentiment seems to be, “demand for apple products is still white hot.”

The reason I have linked the article, is because I do not want to come off as if I am flaming, or trolling, or looking for an, “apple vs anything,” fight. I simply disagree with the sentiment that, “demand for apple products, is what it use to be.”

What I think we have is, “lingering demand.” Older people just getting into an ipad, younger people in emerging markets just buying their first iphone. In the USA market, I have a feeling the fashion has changed, “although I could be dead wrong.” I wouldn’t exactly short apple at this point, but I do not think its a buy now, or later in 2013… Except!!! If we begin to see the next round of quantitative easing, which, imho, is very possible… A few rounds of QE, will definitely drive the stock back up… Not above $650 though, and I no longer believe apple will make it to a market cap of 1 trillion, which was something I thought possible… I don’t think Jobs left a legacy of products that are to be developed… They are hiding something… iPad 4? iPad 5? Bad news imho… Steve Jobs would be working on iRobot or iCar… or something…

all they are hiding is all product dev from the woz cause jobs thought woz was an idiot that got lucky one time.

that’s not true (obvious), and they would have done well to put woz in control for a few years. not when they were doing poorly, but when they were doing well, for sure.

i don’t think apple has anything up their sleeve anyway. nothing.

anwyay, i wasn’t trolling either. it’s sad that saying ms did something good might be construed that way. i was just saying, dang, this phone is cool. and props to nokia, too!

I doubt it. Samsung raised the price for their CPU’s with 20% and it is the only component left that Apple still depends on for their hardware (and haven’t found any other manufacturer for).
If Apple wants to come with something, it will likely has to cost more and if it costs more, it should definitely be really good and renewing.

Quite ironic really that Apple battles against Samsung for patent infringement while they are frankly using a lot of Samsung’s technology in their devices.

IMO Nokia have always been up there for phones. I have owned a number of Nokia, Sony Ericson and Samsung (along with a few others) and the Nokias have always been the best designed with the most flawless OS out of them all, for phones of the same period. They wrote the OS which pretty much every phone used for years and years!

Feeling quite damned tempted to get a Lumina 920 myself! Although getting Android seems like it would make more sense as lots of friends have them. Although, to be truly honest, I don’t think I really want a smartphone anyway…

Really? What CPU is that? Thought the computers used Intel and the iProducts used ARM. Neither of which are Samsung.

EDIT: Found it. Apple A4/A5 chip (basically an ARM processor plus GPU) is designed by Apple but they get Samsung to manufacturer it. Find it hard to believe they couldn’t get another chip manufacturer to produce them for them…

Me neither, but they found a different manufacturer for memory and display units (which Samsung also provided in the past), yet not for their CPU’s.

got the phone. yeah, it’s very nice. yeah, nokia always been pretty cool but kinda been ignored lately.

i’m kinda disenchanted too with smart phone in the junky app player sense at least. which is what smart phones seemed to have become. so getting this phone was pretty painless. i didnt lose anything i cared about anymore.

still a creepy attention sucking paranoia inducing new world order tracking device, but, well.

android is neat-o but is prlly too ADHD for nokia’s focused aesthetic. win8 works well with them. really is a super phone.

i was prolly too simple minded and harsh about apple. but they really pissin’ me off! patent page turning animations? really?? what???


But still I’m almost tempted with a smartphone. Really should make up my mind quickly as my contract is up and I’ll get 20% company discount when I renew…

I have a small phone that works as my phone and i have a DS for fun, why would i need a bigger phone that has lousy games that is impossible to control because IT HAS NO BUTTONS!? :D

Do they have Angry birds on Windows Mobile

I don’t see what’s so smart about these phones, it’s like that swiss army knife with 584 tools, it’s just not very good at either of its features.

what’s not to love about having a small internet enabled computer on your person wherever you go?

google maps/local alone makes having a smartphone worthwhile imo.

yeah, and angry birds star wars. and plants vs zombies. that type of stuff. and a ms office app that works fairly well.

Had a Windows phone for 2 years and have just ditched it…

The UI is really nice but when it comes to apps even the core ones like Twitter and Facebook are buggy and missing most of the features of the Android, iOS versions…

Also you will pay twice as much for paid apps when compared to the two othe main phones…

Well with Windows Phone 8 just having gone from being based on Windows CE to being based on Windows NT I’m not sure how much you can rely on performance of the old models…

We got Final Fantasy.

Still debating with myself whether to go get a Nokia Lumia 920 or a HTC One X when I go upgrade in the next few days… Strangely it seems orange stock a 16GB version of the One X, rather than the standard International version with 32GB. Doesn’t say on the site if it has the international version’s quad core or the American’s version dual core CPU though.

note: google fanboi here =)

have you considered nexus 4 http://www.theverge…-nexus-4-review ? (= it’s a steal. possible negatives: no lte if that’s your thing and no sd card. (it’s nexus so they want you to use the cloud)

upsides: price. stock android (no bloat).

Don’t think it’s available through Orange. HTC One X seemed the best choice out of Android, due to my desire not to get another Samsung phones after not liking old models (although I do hear their Android ones are actually good.)

Anyway came back with a Nokia Lumia 920 a little while ago. Not even turned it on yet… Got 14 days to decide I don’t like it and return it to switch for something with buttons ;)