No Undo/redo For Track And Notecolumn Muting?

It gets somehow on my nerves that muting tracks and notecolumns will go into the undo/redo pool. Would you all agree if I change (disable) this?

No i would not mind, i would not mind any switch and toggle being removed from all undo / redo actions at all.
Why should speed be undone…?
If you check the auto solo, the channel-mutes are undone but the checkbox is not so this would even be a bug.

this could only be useful for some live-techno action of some kind. Useless, then :D

I’d agree.

And if it “fixed” this behaviour it would be even better.

Yes, it will.

And away with it, i don’t care … :D

I like it :(

In what advantage?

I can’t stand it!

its driving me crazy!!

since the track muting can be controlled with midi controller, is the best point of why this should not be in the undo history!

for live stuff this kinda actually hinders the live idea.

say you turn on an off a track 20 times, an then want to undo a pattern change?

Well, I don’t like it that much…

I could certainly live without it seeing as everyone else hates it :D

well the way i look at it is, it would be useful if track muting had something to do with the actual product, perhaps, if it was routed so track-muting could be automatable. tho, since we have the volume slider that ‘Can’ be automated, its not very useful being in the undo history.

so far what this has done to me at least is force me to make sure what im doing in-between track soloing, is perfect.

heres some rambling to make my point:

my source of income is in CAD, i use a program that gives me 1 chance to undo after ive completed a function.
this chance to undo, is immediately followed after which having completed the function. ive gotten use to this.

while i was learning (CAD), there were often times, i would make a mistake. i would then, have to toss out a half hour of new data, because of course, everything new that had been modified, became at that point. based on a mistake…

it forced me to make absolutely positve, during every moment after completing a function. that i make sure what ive done is correct. cuz if i miss something, i have to revert back to a previously saved file version. an if its been awhile before i saved… ouch!

my music making is becoming similar with the track muting being in the undo history, surely its nothing as threatening, since we do have more than 1 undo. just thought i would share the correlation. :D

I hate it. It’s like having layer state in undo stack in GIMP. USELESS and messing up with things you really want to undo. If I do some editing and later want to listen to the effect using different solo/mute combinations, it’s really holding back to have to undo switching mute toggles.

So, yes, taktik. Leaving it out will be a good feature.