Noise pack collab

Kind of interesting to hear, collect and use different noise generators and such things. Fairly useful, but still simple to sample and post. No multi-samples needed, just a recording. Only noise, after all.

So, maybe put up some noise from different synths, old tvs, radios, anything, old sound chips (or what some proposed or used as noise, anyway.) Reminds me, have an ancient ti99 somewhere. Wonder if it will turn on, these days?

Wish I knew what happened to my record player and cassette recorders. Some vinyl and tape noise might be groovy. Maybe I’ll have a look in the garage one day. Possibly gave/threw away, though. :unsure:/>/>/>

Anyway, here is some of the noise Moog was bragging about in the Sub Phatty. Yup, sounds like noise to me.

2 Sub Phatty noises

Some racket a casio cz makes with it’s noise modulator.


Lemme know if these are too short. I’m thinking they are… Or not? Ping pong loops usually work nicely.

(Stay tuned. Or not tuned?)

Anyone who knows how to denoise? A tool to remove all the noise from the noise? :badteeth:

All my tracks sounds kinda noisy, but that’s unintentional, so i should definately add some more intentional noise to camouflage the unintententional noise. I’m in, think i’ll go find some sources of noise and record them with my tascam dr-05. :)

Nice. You have one of those, with that thing you’re way more mobile than I am.

Wish danoise would stick a few seconds of that ms20 noise up here. I think it’s got white and pink. Very fancy… :D/>/>

I made myself a place to collect samples on Internet Archive, so far i made 3 samples from running water in the bathroom:
I think they turned out very nice actually. :)

BTW his nick is danoise, not denoise. I was talking about denoising though, and you where talking about renoising, so i kinda see how this can get a bit confusing. :lol:

Right. Oops. Fixed.

Thanks for the samples!

(Found the ti99/4a. Only prob is monitor doesn’t work. Trying to fix the display adapter thing to work on a modern TV. Shouldn’t be too hard…)

Ooh, I know how to noise.

Here’s some digitally generated noise. (I’m new to dropbox so let me know if it works please)

You got your pink, your brown and your white noise.

noisy stuff

Works for me. Sounds good.

(What did you use to generate these?)

SN76489 or some variation, all 8 ‘noise’ modes via a TI-99/4a.

10 FOR N = 1 TO 8 STEP 1
20 CALL SOUND (4250, -N, 1)


Same type chip also used in many devices, so should sound familiar and might be of interest to some chip fans. Colecovision, Sega Master System and Genesis, Tandy 1000s, etc. Some of the noise modes sound not too much like noise…

For no reason, bonus amped up TI-99 system noise included!

Cool, maybe i should hook up my C=128 D?

No doubt, you should! Would like to hear some SID noise.

Speaking of SID, or Robert Yannes and co., I’m pretty certain I can get my hands on an ESQ1 for a while. It generated noise by playing back small looped samples of noise and pitch modulating the hell out of them with random (usually) lfos. If I remember right, the lfos were set pretty fast and wide. That trick might work in Renoise… hmmm.

Got it (for keeps)! The ESQ-1, I mean.

Some variations on the ESQ-1 noise making technique on it’s 3 ‘noise’ waveforms:


Well, can’t complain…

Nice! I have a feeling we’re ending up with shitloads of noise here. :P
What kind of categories are there for noise? Static noise, organic noise, mechanical noise and electronic noise?
I was thinking we should collect all the samples and upload the noise pack to Internet Archive, what do you think about that? It’s free and it will automatically convert the files to flac, mp3 and ogg. :)

Shouldn’t cost you much to replace that battery! ;)

I don’t have a monitor for the C128, but luckily i’m the only one who didn’t buy a flat screen tv yet, so i still have an old crt tv in the livingroom. Now i just have to hope there is already a channel for it, because the remote is broken. :lol:

That’s fine with me. Would prefer ‘hardware synths’, ‘computer generated’ and ‘other electronic devices’ were separated although I’m not sure there is enough in this thread so far for it to matter much.

Probably not, but the battery is soldered on so picking up a decent iron, decent flux, decent desoldering method of some sort so will jack the project price up a nice bit. That’s some more stuff I seem to have lost moving around.

No knobs or buttons on the TV? Is it so old they all fell off? :lol:

The tv is probably a cheap newer model crt with awesome features like volume up/down, channel up/down and on/off. Poor thing, sometimes it turns itself on by itself just to tell us we’re not watching enough tv. :D

I have a few homemade noise boxes stored somewhere too, i’ll see if i can go get the some day…

I used the noise generator in cool edit pro.
(I’m not digging what adobe did to cep + I know what all functions in cep do and can not do. Kind of similar reason as people who still use the tr-909 and tr-808.)

I’ll make some more noise snippets soon, this time I’ll hook up my mic. to record some real-life noises. But first I’m going to put in some more time in a remix contest which closes the 24th.

Cheap solution: Fart around with gate threshold until background noise goes away. Useful, so long as the desired sample doesn’t occur along with the noise in the same frequency—b/c the gate will chop that out, too.

Best solution: RX3 Advanced can fix just about anything, except your credit card balance—it’s an arm and a leg, but if you need to repair audio, there’s really no better tool.

I never really had any luck using the gate to remove noise in audio, it’s good for removing noise where i want silence, but not to clean up audio. The filters are better for that IMO.

I don’t really have that many arms and legs to spare.
I remember Cool Edit Pro had a great noise remover, you just had to have a sample of only the noise you wanted to remove, then it would subtract that noise from your audio. Does anyone know if this was kept in Audigy? If i remember correctly it was removed, which is a shame.

I’ve been trying for a while now to find a way to use my pc as a monitor for my C-128D, i bought a couple of devices and special cables, but either way i end up with an unusable signal.
I have a special cable that goes from the 128’s video output to SVideo, it’s built for this so it should work. So i think the problem is in the easycap TV-card somehow, though it works with a VHS-cam i have (seems to be black and white on the display though, but i think maybe the cam only previews b&w).
Anyone here that knows of a good TV-card that is up for this task? I’ve read that easycap should do the trick, but maybe i’ve got the wrong version or something?

Ive made a noise instrument for renoise 3 i will upload the link tonight !

There you go ! My Noise Making synth :) :