Non-destructive humanizing per track

A track-param for humanizing on the fly, so the pattern content is not affected in a destructive way. A simple on/off button per track + choice of the columns to humanzie (vol, pan, delay) + independent amount of humanizing for each column.

Edit: A sequence-look-ahead functionality integrated in this, so there could also be negative-time-humanizing, would be outstanding.

relates to a previous point that delay offsets should really be centered on the beat rather than at the start of the beat…

This would indeed be a great feature - functioning like the “humanize” fuctions at some VSTi and sequencers, with ability to control the amount of humanisation. This would actually make me USE the humanize (on delay it’s currently not possible as it cant go negative, I mean like from delay set to zero humanize to e.g. +/-5). +1 :)

Somewhat related to this earlier wish. After all these years I think I would still prefer meta-device approach.

Well the negative delay you can easily ‘fake’ by setting e.g. a 40 hex on every line, then using AutoLaydee shortcut from the LayDee tool to reverse that effect using track output delay, then humanizing. :)
It’s a workaround though, true. But it works!

Can you link to the laydee tool? I’ve tried the 40 hex delay on every line, but it’s kind of tedious without a note-entry delay setting (ala note entry volume) and breaks the functionality of the built-in metronome.