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(BYTE-Smasher) #1

I have to say, I love the new delay column, and I find it very useful… however, it’s quite messy when I want to humanize an entire song, to have all my delay columns, volume columns, and panning columns taken up by humanizing effect codes.

What I propose is this: Perhaps we should have 3 more song parameters, one for each of the humanize parameters.

Humanize Song Volume
Humanize Song Panning
Humanize Song Delay

This way, we can humanize entire songs nondestructively, and change humanization levels on the fly.

What say you, oh Renoise users? And you, the great developers?

Humanizing Vol/pan/delay Columns Separately
Non-destructive humanizing per track
(It-Alien) #2

the idea is interesting, but I would hate to not know the exact value of the humanized parameters

(ashy!mpala) #3

Somehow related:…c=18454&hl=

I wholeheartedly agree too! :D

(loimi) #4

I’ve been thinking about flexible humanizing but I would prefer Humanizing Meta Device (if such beast is possible) for per track control. It could then be automated with commands or curves, playing sloppily at times and more accurately after that. It would be nice if this device could also “humanize upwards”, playing notes before their time but I guess that’s quite impossible (well shifting column up by one row and then humanizing around next row).

I would also love Probability Meta Device for more random nature and for spicing up humanization (missing notes, maybe even repeating notes).

Also, it seems I can’t control note velocity with curves or a slider and that would also make Meta Device for quickly controlling and playing with dynamics of VSTi (or external gear).

(serumas) #5

to loimi:

full randomization a little bit evil for rendering the song.
for rendering randomized parts of muzik i think must be written first to static data to edit som randomized but not very vell sounding parts of music, meta devices could not become static.i think

(BYTE-Smasher) #6


I’m bumping this again, as I really want to see this implemented… every time I want to make a track sound really organic, it ends up being littered with humanize data in my pattern effects, which is really damned annoying when I go to make changes to the track again.

(BotB) #7


(loimi) #8

+1 yet again

Meta-device would allow only selected tracks to be humanized, so I vote for that, being sloppy player myself.

(kickofighto) #9

cos a real human has some self-control at least.

(BYTE-Smasher) #10



(dij314) #11

I was just thinking about this yesterday before even seeing this, would be a great feature indeed.

(Johann) #12

then display 'em! as long as the seed stays the same, the random numbers stay the same, too.

(BYTE-Smasher) #13

If you want to see the exact values of the humanized parameters, then use the old humanize. This is specifically for when you just want to crank up the humanize to hear how it sounds… and not clutter the song with humanize data.

(Johann) #14

I shall keep inserting mentions of the glories of repeatable random sequence at every opportunity anyway. Hah!

(Djeroek) #15

there are already ways to delay different tracks in the mixer tab ( to manually adjust for vst(i) that don’t report correct delay values to Renoise), maybe if these values could be automated (in the automation window with envelopes) you could achieve a humanized feel?

(BYTE-Smasher) #16

Actually come to think of it, the ability to automate pattern effects would solve this pretty quickly

(BYTE-Smasher) #17…c=21059&hl=

(Solyon) #18

Hello all !
Heu… It’s my fist post :unsure:

I think you already can say to renoise what you want to humanize :
you have to "show advanced pater editor [)]
then, in the “content mask”,say what you want to edit.
then… Pattern humanize.

Or maybe it’s not the question… My English is not… well. perfect.

(BYTE-Smasher) #19

We know Renoise already has Humanize… what I’m proposing is Humanize that doesn’t put pattern effects in your song, but instead, humanizes at runtime.

(Solyon) #20

Ok, I had to better read your fist post.