Non-english Speaking Members Of This Community


I just wanted to say, that this is a really great international forum we have going here.

We got people from all over the world hanging out and being sweet, and it is great.

As s few of you may know, I am an English Teacher working in Japan, so I know how hard it is to learn another language.

To all the guys for whom English is a second language; damn, you guys have some serious skills to be able to understand technical English to the level we get on this forum!

I admire you all!

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

I am french, but make a lot of mistakes in English :)

Bonjour! Ca va?

I learnt to French in school, but I didn’t really study hard. I wish I had though!

I can speak Japanese now (I live in Japan, so…) but I want to learn more languages. Every time you learn a new language you give yourself the possibility to make millions more friends. I love it!

And Kara… Man, your English is fine dude!

Maybe you can help me speak French!

I learned English with a dictionary and Amiga Games. Oh, and also with CU Amiga. So yeah, I pretty much rule :P

f**** man, that is RAD! <–Johann… (kaneel was too fast for me;))

You do rule.

Learning Japanese was HARD for me… I started when I was 24 though, so “Shoganai” (Japanese for ‘c’est la vie’<–EDIT my French is so bad! Sorry!)

Haha, shut up kaneel, I am surrounded in this thread! :)

Hmm perhaps I should post in French here :panic:
Would that help to learn you french B) :D

Ah, man… Post something in French here, and I will see if I can understand!

Dont make it too hard though!

Well thanks, but I dunno… English seems kinda easy to learn with all the music (and computer games haha), at least compared to other languages. In the beginning it just takes interest and patience (a friend of mine got too easily frustrated with English adventure games etc., and today his English sucks as a result), and after that it quickly pretty much feeds itself: if you understand at least half of something, you can guess a few things -> tadaa, learned something new. And that was before the internet, with the internet I don’t think there is any excuse not to learn English.

I’m not trying to sabotage you applauding the people who learned English though :P

Concerning technical things: I think it’s actually easier to describe them in English (it’s definately shorter than German, e.g. reading source code with German variable names just feels wrong, for me anyway… shudder).

The only japanese I can is based on the movie “Shogun” with Richard Chamberlain. And I learned english when working for a “educational-software-company”. We also had an office in japan but I preferred to speak english with them :)

Vadarfone-San, doozo yoroshiku.

Alors tu veut quelque chose en Francais
Décrit moi un peut pourquoi t’as choisi renoise comme ton logiciel de musique ?

:blink: :D

Damn, I only can read french I even can understand french fluent but speaking or writing it is a pain.


Yeah, I guess you are right… There is so much English out there, that most people will be able to speak a bit. It is a hangover from the British invasions of pretty much everywhere in the world where we wanted something from (I am definitely NOT proud of this!)

@Marc Shake… よろしくお願いします (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu)

Well, I want to gradually find out where you are all from and then maybe you can teach me some of your languages. I love it when people speak English to me in Japan, so I want to kinda return the favour! The internet is no different of course… We are all humans on the end of these keyboards right!

“Alors tu veut quelque chose en Francais
Décrit moi un peut pourquoi t’as choisi renoise comme ton logiciel de musique ?”

I said “Easy French!!” :)


I think this means…

…something about me being interested in French…

Then, something about you (or me) liking Renoise because it is a very good way to make music…


God, I need to study!

[[[Hang on… does the last sentence say… 'Like me, did you choose Renoise because of its logical way of making music?"]]]

Hmm… i asked you
‘Tell me a bit why you did choose Renoise as your music software’
<_< :D

please you all write slowly otherwise I cannot understand, I’m italian!

Haha! Come on, I was close… Sort off… Haha…

Also, It-Alien… I would love to learn some Italian… Give the basic HELLO - GOODBYE

hello = ciao
goodbye = arrivederci/ci vediamo (see you soon), addio (goodbye)

I know a great music composition software, it’s called Renoise = conosco un bellissimo programma per comporre musica, si chiama Renoise

I raised in Brazil, so I speak fluently Portuguese. Of course there are some blanks here and there and since every language evolves with time, I miss a lot of new terms and slang. ^^ Spoke in german there with my austrian father, then we moved to Germany years ago. My mom has some spanish speaking friends here so I picked up a bit of spanish too; at least enough to be able to conversate with mexicans. :) Learned english solely from the internet and DVDs. :D

I’m French Canadian (assimilated anglophone, franco-ontarien) living in Montreal, my girlfriend is Japanese living in Montreal. I can speak english, french, and say “Wakarimasen?!”

That means “my hovercraft is full of eels”, right?

I see your napoleon-esque french and raise you one québec joual:

toé la mange d’la marde mon p’tit câlice de tabarnac, maudit tu pu la plotte calvaire, lave toé 'sti.