Non-Linux Jack

Am I right in thinking Renoise supports JACK on both Windows and OSX as well as the original Linux.

If so does anybody have a comparison/list of Pros/Cons as compared to using ReWire to connect two hosts together. Only a brief note on the JACK website from what I’ve seen:

Has anybody tried it between multiple programs on OSX or Windows? Quick skim of the instructions to use on Windows and I believe it uses a (fake?) ASIO driver to send to the connection kit, thus should be possible with any program. I know some programs (although believe it’s more a problem with drivers than programs) seem to struggle when trying to share ASIO devices. Renosie itself has a particular problem, in that if you don’t have Limited To Stereo In/Out then it will take all the resources available, stopping any later opened programs from picking up an unused output. Is this cause a problem at all? I think they suggest using ASIO4All, which has always allowed me to combine multiple streams in the past, so maybe this circumvents the worry…

Is there even MIDI routing and transport/sync on the ports or is that still in the realms of Linux only? Seem to have found slightly conflicting reports from searching which I can’t deduce the correctness just by observing the date (IE later implementation.)

Just wondering out of interest really but I would like to know any experiences.

Maybe should of bumped an old thread, such as This One, but most are fairly old and coming from at least a slightly different angle…

I never managed to get Jack working on Windows at all, but that was a soundcard (terratec) and windows (XP) edition back.
Regarding Asio4All, it doesn’t work on my current soundcard (ESI), don’t know why, but i guess Asio4AllAin’tAsio4Me :P

Really? Been good with everything I’ve tried it on and sometimes better than the official driver.

Development is fairly active, have you tried the latest beta?

There is talk in the FAQ of some card needing certain settings such as for 16bit or 44.1kHz.

Or sure I remember a long time ago certain people saying the 1.8 version worked and not the 2.x for certain things (although not on their site but elsewhere) so may be worth trying. (Direct link but it’s from their site and can be found half was down the History page.)

Of course maybe it just doesn’t work ;)

JackOSX is working ok… there is no support for jack transport, but you can sync two programs with MMC if you need. While Rewire is more straight-forward and convenient to use, Jack offers some more I/O flexibility and something that I need more often these days: real-time performance recording from host (renoise or any other) and that just works. Until renoise doesn’t have that… I’ll take it. I have just recorded 5 min performance from renoise to… renoise sampler, and it works great! No glitches even on high CPU load.

Some sort like that…