Not To Be A Bitch Monger...

As a registered user of both Mad Tracker and Renoise, just thought i’d let the Renoise community in on the fact that Mad Tracker version 2.5.0 beta (RC1) has been released.

Hell has frozen over? Mad Tracker beta released before Renoise beta? Me and my OSX are still waiting.

No pressure… :D

There’s actually a reason why the Renoise version currently available is named 1.281;

There has been numerous updates and fixes, and we’ve been spoiled by updates every two weeks or so, untill now.

And I am sure Renoise 1.5 will knock madtracker on its ass, like it’s done for so long already


  • VST support
  • ReWire support (still in early alpha stage)
    - Built-in IRC client
  • Improved interface

yeah… “Built-in IRC client”, like there aren’t more important things to fix.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that was an aprils first joke :)

Awesome avatar! :)

Stand corrected… Check out this Madtracker forum thread.

Developers… any answers to this one? (quoted from the same thread):

Well, seems the ‘got-the-aprils-fool-joke’ backfired…I’ve been had, alarm!

can’t imagine that i get more ideas in music creation on chatting with another person. chat-client in a tracker - i don’t know a more senseless feature! <_<

that reminds me again what I really miss in Renoise… :blink:

It´s called nibbles btw.

like renoise 1.5 goin´ to have a metronome?

robert, hand over your hat now. It’s nothing serious, i just want to eat it. Anyway, yes, the metronome will be in 1.5, that news post was not made on the 1st of april

WTF? must be really useful

:confused: don´t really get in same level with that dev. group…

but what the heck…their program.


…pass stuff to the left for garf…but please, don´t blame me if you flip out :D

nah, nobody want to blame somebody

about the metronome:

sure it will be useful, especially for those who are about to start with tracking or people who track with higher patternspeed I think.

Also in the (near I hope) future when the Piano-Roll is implemented to have a better feeling for the timing.

So… Metronome = good idea :yeah:


last point is a “guess”, don´t know if they do this on purpose.

metronome!!! still can´t get it… should i laugh or cry? : D :

is it so hard for example:

  1. take a short clear hi-hat what ever `nax´-sound
  2. add new sample channel
  3. put edit step to add four
    and finally
  4. put rec. on and sit on your favorite tune…


do i remember wrong but i saw once here post where somebody wanted option that you can change interval of every x highlighted row in pattern…but no, instead of that they decide to add metronome, which is more easier and useful for understanding beats than highlighted bars…

but wht ever, their program, their code…i don´t care, just making a musick :)


oh :D GR8!!!

OMG! Robert!

Metronome is used during live recording of patterns. So you turn the edit mode on, click ‘play’ and push buttons on your keyboard.

Adding such a simple feature to a program like that one is so damn unbeliveably easy that I don’t see any problem adding this handy feature.

You seem to act incredibly arogant, if you don’t see the point of some feature than shut up. Anyway, metronome was also suggested on this forum, it’s a request from users.

just to inform that this Guest_029 (posted above) is me :)

don’t think so ;) :lol: … except the known things listed here
but who knows?!

mad and skale getting massive features now. Renoise has (some of these) massive features since one year! B)

[quote name=‘Alexander M. Korn’]

My point exactly, Alex.

no, you shut up! you fing forum police…i have fully right to say my opinion about that thing and it´s that metronome in tracker is just so uselezzz!!!..lamest thing i have ever heard…you fing moron “track” up some drums ectect and then record some melody or what ever…or just hook up into those highlighted bars…but no metronome, thanks DOT!
----------> mayby next we got some build in vizualisations and first person shooting games in renoise…

PISS on DDamphetamine whore…heheehehhehe, prick!

You’ve just proven what I’ve said, Robert.

It’s useless only for you. Some people requested this feature, so it looks like it’s needed.

I don’t negate your right to say whatever you like. I only proove that what you say is arrogant and just false.