Note Off Requires Two Hits

I’ve just started using Renoise on my new laptop, an Asus U36sd. I’m noticing that to enter a note off I actually need to press the caps lock button twice. Is this normal? Anyone experiencing the same issue or has any idea to solve it?

I have this too. Very annoying , but you can change the keybinding for note off to whatever you want.
You could change it to A as it does not play any notes.

This means that the problem is actually in the way the keyboard works?

I believe this problem is specific to Win7/Visa IIRC…

I also thought it was related to laptops and netbooks. I don’t experience this problem with Win7 on my desktop.

It’s definitely a “some hardware” thing as well but haven’t heard it with WinXP or Linux on anything. Laptops generally have cheap keyboards with a very low rollover so it may in some way be related to how they are often interfaced.

Carlo: Have you got a USB keyboard? Do we know if anybody who has this trouble has tried with an external keyboard? Not that I can see how it could make a difference (as the original is still connected too.) Pretty sure that so far we have seen no cure though…

Laptop, doesn’t state OS:

This seems to be the definiative thread where Taktik says he suffers from it himself on his netbook and thus is very aware of the problem but still been unable to fix:

Either remap to another key. [A] or [`] seem to be peoples’ favourites.
Or use some key remapping software to map the Caps Lock to another key, which you then assign to Note Off.

kazakore is right (damn, i bet if you start counting the posts i did where i said that, well, it’d be a lot!). this is a strange issue which seems not to be fixable in Renoise but has something to do with the OS and/or hardware. i suffered from this as well, it is very annoying. to end it all i changed the ‘Smart Note-Off’ keybinding to my ‘A’-key, which is unmapped in the default keybindings.

also, this is the 4th or 5th time this question has been asked so far. might be useful to sticky the most relevant post, or maybe do some kind of summary of it and sticky that or something, or add something to ?

pretty sure it’s the way caps lock works on certain keyboards…my laptop does usually does this.

I can say this is not exclusive to laptops.

We just got a new desktop, but our previous one had a PS/2 external keyboard, and it took two presses of caps lock, as well as two presses of tilde to turn on or off the metronome.

That one seems really strange! Tilde does not toggle a state within the OS so can’t see why that would require being pressed twice.

Then it is a keyboard setting and usually related to the language the keyboard is set to. Two times tilde is usually because the apostrophe key that in a lot of layouts lies underneath it, is used to allow creating specific accentuated vowels like òùìà. This requires pressing that key once and then pressing a vowel afterwards. Pressing that key again gives you the actual apostrophe.
Though if that would be the cause, i find it strange that DirectInput doesn’t superseed this behavior, because Renoise solely replies to scancodes which are usually the official scancode for the particular key. I guess a different scancode is sent (or no scancode is send at all) when these keys are pressed the first time.

What if you would add US international layout in the system’s keyboard setup and make this the default layout?