Note properties style tool for sample offset?

I’m looking for something similar to the note properties tool that gives you the encoders for easy adjustments.

Does anything like this already exist for the sample offset command? It would be great to be able to map it to a physical controller and quickly move through a sample.


You can try this xrni I made.

You might also check the sample multi controller tool, although I’m not sure that it allows for this behavior

Do you mean this?

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Both of those tools look really cool. I’ll check them both out thanks.

I was thinking of something much simpler though.

Literally just a knob or a way to scroll through to adjust the sample of the offset value Xs command in the pattern rather than entering in the hex numbers. Something like how the super nudge tool works with the delay coloumn would be cool.

Sometimes I’ll lay in a sample break or groove into a pattern and want to test out how it sounds starting from different parts at various note events. I get tired of flipping back to the sample page to see what hex value such and such a part is at. Would be easy to dial it in with a knob or key cmd while a section loops.

Perhaps that second tool can do what I’m after (and by the looks of it much more). I’ll check it out.

Just Found Unless’ “value stepper”. This is pretty much what I had in mind.

Thanks for the suggestions, and thanks to all the people making tools.