Novation Automap Universal


Since I have bought the Novation ReMOTE 25SL I have a pressing question:

Will (or rather when will :D) Renoise support Automap Universal?

I know the technology is only relevant to ReMOTE users, but I really think it is here to stay. And moreover, my music production creativity has been boosted severly when using VSTs with Automap since I got the controller. I don’t have to assign and assign and assign…

And I don’t even think it would take a whole lot of time to develop…

For more info on Automap Universal please visit:

Automap Universal is already supported by: Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer and Ableton - so get in gear ;)


About a year ago (or more) i bought remote zero sl and wrote a letter to techsupport is there any possibilities to use thi feature in renoise or is there any rns templates.
They told dat they`ll contact RNS devs and blahblah blah = silence.

I programmed my own templates and now dont give a f**** bout NAU. diy

you can use automap in renoise but only with the vst´s. you have to take the new automap version !!

Hmmz, yeah it is sometimes a pithy how helpful some manufacturers can act towards their customers.
You could share your templates if you desire to help out other musicians, i could post the links to the manual hardware pages and perhaps that Bantai can add a link to the tools section of the In:Depth pages.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone with a midi controller could use such a feature?

Thanks for the replys everybody.

I am using Automap in my VSTI’s and it rocks.

Automap Universal 2.0 has just been released. Anyone tried it with Renoise yet?

tried it. works ok with VSTi and VST. awsm.