(now) renoise 3.0.1 bugfixes when ??

A quick 3.0.1 release for the phrase bug ???

when it’s ready i guess. probs working on some other bugs as well.

Any chance to get a Native Cowbell Synth ? or an integrated Will Ferrell Visualisation plugin ?

Maintenance releases are not released after every fixed bug.
New ones are also still reported and investigated.
Rather release a good patch than one that fixes just one issue.

Yes, fixes seem not to be “too” urgent, so we want to wait and collect a few more issues before releasing a 3.0.1.
Definitely will release a 3.0 bugfix update in the upcoming weeks though…

Plz multi output for xrns instruments

This is not really the appropriate thread to discuss such things.

3.0.1 will be a bug fix release only.

Please try to keep things on topic. Thanks.

Any news about this?

Any chance we can get Renoise 3.01 soon? Could you developers give us some feedback about your current plans? Thanks.

I’m starting to think that 3.0 is the beginning of the fall

Nah, the devs are probably just very busy with life in general. Maybe all we need to do is say “Please”? :slight_smile:



I’m starting to think that 3.0 is the beginning of the fall

Renoise Releases are slow, get over it

Beginning of the Fall? That was September 23. Renoise 3 came out way before that.