Octamed note echo

Octamed Soundstudio used to have a note echo feature where you could input the number of steps after which a note would be echoed, set the volume drop for each echo. You would then select a range or track where you had some notes input already and apply it by hitting the ‘echo’ button. New notes would be generated in the selected range which would act like echoes of the original notes. For instance if I selected a track with just a C written in position 1, echoing it with a delay of 3 would put in a new note every 3 steps thereafter, each with the specified volume drop. By layering multiple note echoes with different delays you could make some really cool effects. Something like this would be a great feature on Renoise, especially if you could also apply it to things like VST parameters or MIDI control codes etc.


You could do this with a Tool i think.

happy Tracking :slight_smile:

Yeah, but I find it way more easy to simply use the delay device.

the advanced edit panel allows for such effects (and much more). duplicate note column > nudge > vol fx modify by sub >copy > mix paste (if desired), lather, rinse, repeat :slight_smile:

although it wouldn’t hurt anything to have a dedicated note echo tool or fxn