Octamed To Rns Project

Hi all!
I’ve started a project to build a converter of OctaMED to renoise mods. Basically because we discussed this a few months back. Here’s the original thread if you remember:


Speaking of which, I’ve kinda been very quiet around here for a while… or more like I completely disappeared. :) I wasn’t inspired to make music at all at a point but still hung around here all the time. So I simply decided to leave for a while and it turned out to be a long while. :) (But I’ve really missed the community here btw :wub:)

Anway, I’ve searched a bit and, correct me if I’m wrong, there’s no other converter beeing planned. My idea was to get as much finished as possible and then wait for v1.6 with the new XML format and finish it then. I’ll use DevC++ and wxWidgets since I like open source, I’m not a VC++ fan and it will be easier to port if needed.

I have the file specs for MMD0-3 files (i.e. Amiga files), but don’t have the Windows MED format (MMD3 extended or whatever it’s called?). I guess the right way is to obtain it from RBF though, but I haven’t contacted them yet.

Now give me your ideas and thoughts! :)

My thoughts: Johan is awesome! :)

If you need it, we might give you also the specs for the new upcoming Renoise XML formats now. Drop me a mail if you are interested…

Thanks Gilli, always nice to hear :) Though I would hold that thought until I’ve actually done something… ;)

I will look further into getting a good xml lib up’n’running this weekend…

I think it would be a good idea, to seperate the access of Renoise xml songs into a generic library. That way other developers could use this library for other projects without reinventing the wheel. Some kind of rns xml library with functions like GetSample() and so on. Just a thought. :)

I’m not sure there is so much to separate… The concept of XML already provides much of this. It’s one standardized format with a bunch of libraries for C/C++ that parse and write already.

This sounds great Johan! Would find this very useful for my old amiga mods. Just hope my old 1200 hasnt died on me if you get this done, as it hasnt been fired up for about three years!

Welcome back also! :)

I also have a plan to ressurect my Amiga one day. Mostly to recover old protracker mods though…

Thanks Ledger! :)

i have a whole bunch of amiga modules here, and they load fine in renoise.

Made a bit of an error in that post as they are I think .MED rather than .MOD (octamed 5).

Anyhow I will double check, and thanks for the info Sqeetz.

It seems RBF wouldn’t want to hand out the file specs for Windows meds for now, although they told me to check again in a few months. So there is a chance it will be included some day… Anyway, I guess most people (at least here) are interested in converting old Amiga meds.

In fact they wouldn’t allow me to use (i.e. read) the Amiga formats atm either. Since that’s not really up to them I will simply overlook that.

Does mr. Kinnunen hasn’t got any binary references?

I know i saw some .med binary references on http://www.wotsit.org but this site is currently down or out of my ISP’s reach.

edit: Found it:

The last Amiga edition of SoundStudio 1.03 can be downloaded freely here:
There are no binary format descriptions of this one though.

Those are the Amiga med descriptions that I already have. But thanks for the links anywho vvoois!

imho there is no (big) difference between MMD3 on Amiga and on PC (as I know the basic structur is totally the same. maybe some things on sample handling are different) …

there’s already an import-source (c++) available within the old modplug-tracker source. but it has a bug - it doesn’t support a different number of tracks in the patterns of a song. … but maybe this source helps you too … you can get the modplug-tracker sources from sourceforge.net

Well thanks Herr Freideuter, that’s really helpful! If there are no big differences it could be possible to load up an MMD3 from Amiga, re-save it in Windows version and diff them.

I’ll definately check out the modplug source. Great tip! :) I thought I had checked the entire internet for info and missed this… doh! inserthomersmileyhere But I’ve come to realize that using old code written by someone else often takes more time than redoing it from scratch… depending on who’s written it though. Anyway, time is a luxury I haven’t got too much of, so it will have to wait a bit…

Shame really, I’d love to be able to load my old tracks up in renoise & mod them. I’d pay for that privilege in fact!

Mostly I’m waiting for the new Renoise format, then I’ll start working on it again. Only problem I can see is that Windows mods won’t be supported, at least not at the first stage. And of course that it will not be coded in ultra-speed as I really have too many interests to support :D

And as long as people will use it, I’ll be happy. If… oh sorry, I mean when… it will be finished it will definately be freeware :yeah:

But In-fluence, you were an Amiga-medder only, right?

Yup, it was just OctaMED for me (started with med around 1990-91), and I ran it on my modded Amiga up until a short while ago. And I’ve just copied all the files over to play in the PC version, which play as well as they did on the Amiga. Most of my later stuff used MIDI though, so I would like to see this implemented quite accurately (if possible). If you need any input or mods, let me know. :)

Thanks! I’ll probably will, but later on when the pieces are starting to come together.

Myself I was mostly on MIDI too. Started to use OctaMED soundstudio actually, so I was kind of late to get into OctaMED. Problem is my old songs are on my Amiga HD, which I really should rescue some day before it’s too late, if it’s not already. :unsure: Anyhow, my point beeing that I realize MIDI is important and that should be put a lot of work into. :)

same here … if you need OSS(AMIGA) or MED (PC) songs or any other help …