OctaMED v4 on Windows? How to set it up?

Please excuse my ignorant question, but why in the year 2020 there is still no port of OctaMED v4 on Windows? I’m not a programmer but the way I see it is it can’t be that difficult to do this, considering how primitive and small the program is in its essence, right?

I’ve done a little google search and it seems in order to use the old OctaMED (v1-v5) you still require an Amiga emulation which kinda sucks… I couldn’t find any in-depth tutorial which explains how to set this up and the few people that managed to do it are kind of secretive about it… As if it’s some kind of hidden knowledge that shouldn’t be passed on, OMG…

Anyone care to shed a light on this please? For the love of the community.

This is Renoise forum not OctaMED. What can OctaMED offer you more than Renoise?

If you like an old GUI approach, why don´t you try for example a very good FastTracker clone: 16-bits.org - home of 8bitbubsy ?

Recently got a working pc version through a facebook tracker group. Can upload it tonight when I’m back from work. It was said octamed is free to use, granted from the developer. It kept crashing during vst(i) scan so Ive de-installed it.

This is Renoise forum not OctaMED. What can OctaMED offer you more than Renoise?

Is there a dedicated OctaMED forum I don’t know of? Nothing, it offers no advantage whatsoever over Renoise. But I’d still like to know how producers back then made their music with this software. Some of my favorite Jungle producers (Equinox, Bizzy B) used OctaMED and I want to understand how they did it.

@Jonas Awesome! Is that program legit? Sounds too good to be true. Looking forward to test it. Using vintage software with VST sounds like a bad idea generally, lol

Yes, go look on Facebook for the MED Soundstudio group.

I don’t have a Facebook account.

Check your pm, send a link there.

There is also ModPlug tracker that should read the med file: https://www.modplug.com/#/
I don´t have any experience with this tracker…

Why dont you just check bizzy b’s youtube channel ?
He has some renoise vids up.

So it turns out that the version of Djeroek is actually MED Soundstudio 2.1 which is completely different.

If anyone has a solution to run OctaMED v4 please let me know. Thanks.

I can help you get WinUAE setup for OctaMED v4 if you want, it is very limited now though and would require using GoldWave (An annoying forever free trail or you would have to purchase) to convert your samples into .IFF. If you have a 32 bit windows though MED Soundstudio 2.1 is pretty much the same GUI wise but with more features and supports .WAV.

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