Old Sample Formats.

Hi Devs, good job so far, proud to be the owner of a great proggy.

One suggestion I would like to make is to add the ability to load my old OctaMED-saved 8-bit iff’s from my wirelessly connected A1200T. It would be real nice if renoise could import these sample types (possibly via the “Amiga Explorer”?), rather than having to reload them all & save them as wavs. A lot of my sample collection resides on my old faithful, and I felt quite inspired when I listened to many of my old 4-channel efforts, and that I was missing a lot of my original “sound” and relying on soft-synths and hardware to give me ideas.

Any hope? :D

Would the mighty Taktik like me to post an example?

There could be support for a few more sample-formats, but when considering low quality sample format support, i personally would rather use a converter to convert the iff to wav and then load the wav into Renoise instead.

by the way, did you already try to import them as RAW?

Yeah, I thought that it might be asking a bit much to support old & low quality formats that are truly long gone. Alas…

Looks like a bulk load & save in soundforge or something then.

Alien: If you mean clicking the “.” button, yes, I did. As Amigas save files without the filetype extension, I had to!

Thanks for your time…