Olga Synth


check this new synth out,its amazing


At least they for sure don’t know how to use Cyrillic characters… it does not say “Olga” but Fgbd :P :P :P :P

schwa olga is a true gem.
it’s free (i don’t really count the initial nag screen as a restriction of the “demo” version), has a lot of personality, unique sonic-character and is capable of doing a really dirty analogue-esque sound.

the rather meager routing and modulation capabilities are the only real downside.

btw: if you got some trouble with the pseudo-cyrillic interface, give the white-tie a click ;)

Olga isn’t free at all
It’s just not a restricted demo
That is how Schwa does things
This synth is an absolute babe too :)
Nice one Schwa

PS it was fully betatested in Renoise too i can atest to that ;)


such licensing scheme is also known as donationware.
ofc it aint “free”, since it’s not freeware - but paying is optional and not mandatory to obtain a fully working synth.
so my point is, that you can actually get 100% functionality out of the product without having to pay anything for it. a circumstance which makes it somewhat “free”, even though i’d be the last one to encourage people to not pay for such a marvellous piece of softsynth.

Nope check the site please or even ask Schwa
You can come in my IRC channel and speak to him if you like
Olga is not free or freeware or donationware or shareware
It is quite firmly a payware product
Just because you can use it fully until you decide to pay does not make it anything else
It’s payware simple as that


Well, i checked the synth out… in average it has a good potential, i’m not really impressed by the default presets that come along with it though there are a few nice sounds in there.
The impression of old fashioned analogue synth is something i got indeed, but could not really call that groundbreaking.
There is so many other good stuff around that do the job a lot better (and for a lot less if you have to pay for it).

one should never judge a synth by its presets, because incase of olga, you’re absolutely right - they do suck and don’t give an accurate impression about what this thing is actually capable of. this applies to almost every synth out there however.

no need to come to IRC, i know what you mean and i am also aware of the fact that “schwa” do not actually market it as donationware.
i merely said that from a user’s point of view, this synth can be regarded and used in the same way as donationware.
there is no limitation in functionality at all for the demo version.
if i still couldn’t clarify my point, i’ll give it up right now. :)

please recommend me some of them.

im gonna buy the olga synth,after i buy renoise,thats for sure

Try Helix or Crystal, it is all devices using oscillators and LFO’s anyway but whatever you can create with Olga you can most likely create with these two plugins as well.

If you really want to spend money you may want to try Adventus as well (though i would rather recommend Helix).

can’t believe you’re serious vV.
there are worlds between helix (or even worse: crystal) and olga (or sylenth1 or ni-massive).
the quality of the synths you mentioned is playing in an entirely different league.
their sound is aliased, thin, VERY digital and cold.
the only advantage i can see with them is their lower CPU usage, but this only works at the expense of audio quality.

I’m with keith on this one
Helix and Cystal although nice for something free do not compare sound wise at all to Olga not even in the slightest bit
I’ve been using Olga now for quite a bit of time and it is very very nice when you have spent some time with it


im with keith and NAS here,olga to me sounds soo much better than helix and crystal,and another plus is the look

im gonna check out adventus though,but still my bucks go to olga

The audio from within Olga is for me personally not rich enough, i don’t doubt about the warmth but putting these along the aforementioned plugs together (along with TAL U-NO-60 and a few other synths) Olga really sounds dull and boring even when tweaking the parameters to make an attempt to get something more reasonable interesting out of it fail me and there’s not so much to tweak actually.

Warmth:fine and maybe even super, but interesting:no
I’ld rather EQ a few cold but nice sounds than just mixing along a few dull well balanced synth audio
But that’s just personal taste, i don’t go for nice graphs or alias results, for me the possibilities in sound creation counts and the emotion they bring up.

this one somehow blew me away yesterday :


dunno why, but I love it already.

yes that ones lookes nice too,i gotta demo it

I’ve only played around with Olga for an hour or so. Am very impressed with the idea of introducing artifacts and unpredictability in the sound chain itself. The sounds really lay down well on the track. Functionally, though, I think it will be geared more for a lead synth simply because of its presence. I don’t think it is an all-purpose synth, but I think it will be a formidable “up-front” type synth. Will have to dig in a little deeper when I have some devoted free time. Then, of course, I’ll have to make the decision of whether to buy a commercial license or not. I’m not big on mooching so I guess it will depend on whether I think the use-value equals the outlay of $80. I realize that’s not much, really, in today’s world, but I really have to pick and choose what are my go to tools and what are just interesting but which I don’t really use enough to justify spending the money.

spot on! i love the TAL synths.
even though they are freeware. :\

yest the tal bassline will be in my arsenal too

yes? well, i would say its a nice sound then :D