i just bought omnisphere, the new flagship synth from spectrasonics. info here:
spectrasonics omnisphere

hopefully it will work fine; just wondering if anyone else got it and have tried it yet?


I can’t afford to buy it (but wish i could :) ) and it looks like torrents are out of the question due to the file size .

Have to say it looks immense thou , just been watching some of the demo vids .

Can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work in renoise …

i’ve allready had it confirmed by a member here in PM that it works fine… really looking forward to getting this puppy in the mail… perhaps today :)

Please post some results so we can all hear its glorious sound :P

Hi , seems like omnisphere works fine in renoise ,

I just have 1 big problem , I have no idea to get the automation to work in renoise, like if I just want to assign some filter or something , I have no idea what to do…

Anyone knows how to do this ?

Google did not gave me any results yet … so I hope someone else can tell me here :)

spectrasonics synths ussually work with midi cc’s ( I know trilogy does)

Do you mind explaining a bit in a simple way how this works ?

“SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: … 50GB of free hard drive space”

What the heck! :) And they say this is not a rompler? why all thouse gigabytes then?

for example cut off is midi cc nr.74 ( as on most synths)
volume is cc nr 7
Al the parameters and their corresponding midi cc’s are written in the manual ;;;or you could just ad a midi cc device and tweak some parameters and see what does what

Lolz… Mark Versluis. What are you doing here? :w00t:

xerxes: my congratulations, great choose! Can’t wait for testing results…

I tried it briefly yesterday. I played what apparently was a “burning piano”-sound, and also spectaculary enough via an virtual midi-keyboard on a iPhone. Very high-tech. ;)

i wouldn’t be so sure…

some dedicated pirates out there

Hey. I’ve bought Omnisphere the minute it was out and have been fooling around with it in the past few Renoise 2.0 betas

It sounds cool, it works, but not without trouble it seems.

Since we’ve started using omnisphere we’ve noticed our EE projects start to crackle all of sudden. Not inmediatly after a fresh PC boot, but the longer Renoise is on, the more chance there is for crackling to appear. Well we didn’t suspect omnisphere actually, so I’ve dragged on with this problem for a while, blaming downgraded quad core CPU, blaming windows Vista x64, blaming harddrive activity, etc.

So today I was mixing a project in renoise that had 2 omnisphere plugin loaded. After 2 hours I began to notice crackling again. And now for the first time I went to figure out what was causing the crackling. (still didn’t suspect Omnisphere at first).

I first couldn’t figure it out. Disabled all kind of FX and stuff. At the time I started to try unloading specific VSTi and muting channels one by one, the crackling was already pretty bad. It even started to stutter a little and the project was pretty much unlistenable by now.
Now I found by simply silencing both channels with the 2 omnisphere playing, the crackling was gone. Now when I put one omnisphere channel on solo (the rest muted) it would CPU spike and crackle like crazy.

I still had the Omnisphere version from disc, so I just updated Omnisphere to the latest versions (software version 1.0.2d, soundsources version 1.0.1, patches version 1.0.2) and updated renoise to RC1.

I booted renoise again and my previous mixing project… it did good for 5 minutes, but then: crackling again :(

I wonder what is to blame. Renoise being in beta / rc and still not ready or Omnisphere being too new and all… I suspect the latter, so I was not really thinking of reporting it as a bug, or should I?

I did try some things out already. Pressed the question mark behind the plugin, fooling around with the “Use static processing buffers”, "auto suspend’ and “Can run in multi processor environments” settings. But it doesn’t seem to make much difference on the CPU load atm.

Also tried keeping just 1 Omnisphere instance loaded, creating an alias of the second one. Then loading my 2 sounds on 2 seperate channels in omnisphere and then fool around with the “Setup Routing” button in Renoise. This actually made the problem worse, in which I can even create a scenario it’ll flood the CPU constantly to 100%, then Renoise complains and shuts down the audio engine, I press OK and it’ll crawl up to 100% again, and this is all while nothing is playing and I’m hitting the panic button like crazy :P

Oh well, I Hope Omnisphere becomes workable in Renoise in the future, or I’ll have to abandon like 4 new EE projects for the time or take Omnisphere into Cakewalk Sonar instead and work around the problem creativly, cause I really want to use this plugin :P


i encountered similar problems (not with omnisphere only). projects which were doing good in 1.9.1 seems to produce cracklings from time to time in R2 b6. i managed to fix it by raising latency (from 128 to 512 (~10ms) samples). 10ms are more than ok for me but i wonder why B6 behaves like that… winXP/core2quad 9300/echo audio gina3g

Interresting about the b6… 'Cause if I remember clearly we had had b4 or something else pre b6 installed first and I don’t remember having experienced performance issues at that time. However, after one or two updates, I do remember looking at the Renoise bootup screen noticing b6, just after we were restarting renoise because of our first crackling experience… And it remained there with b7 and rc1. So could be something have changed since then?

Oh well. I want to kill the problem, so the best I can do is to do some testing over the weekend and submit a bug report in the 2.0 forums, if I find some solid situations to recreate the performance issues. Be it buggy Omnisphere plugin or Renoise :)

Welcome on board Jeffrey :D

Oh hey Peter :P… Ya, I thought I’d come out of secret Ninja hiding spot again :ph34r:

Well I posted a bug report on Omnisphere, but mainly about trying to use its second bus. Which fails completly…

I think a problem is also there with its default bus, resulting in CPU overflowing problems the longer you use multiple omnisphere instances.

Long story short, it doesn’t feel very stable using omnisphere in renoise2.0 in our studio environment at this time