Online User Manual, Quickstart And Beginner Videos

Quickstart PDF
The Quickstart PDF will help you to get started with Renoise. It covers the most important topics to effectively use the program.

Beginners Tutorial Video
For those who prefer videos or are new to composing music with software, have a look at the Beginners Tutorial please. It will show you how to compose a song in Renoise, step by step.

Online User Manual
Want to know more? The user manual at gives you detailed information on everything in Renoise. The complete user manual can also be downloaded as pdf here.

The tutorial vids are super helpful.

Most video’s and tutorials seem outdated, as pattern command 09xx is now 0Sxx for example.
This is visible when loading existing songs into the latest beta’s of Renoise.

I should have use the forum searchfunction.
For everyone else stumbling across here; if someone looks outdated; yes there are new pattern commands and yes the devs work hard on it :)

Well, fixing the manual pages won’t do much good here either…

The manual and videos are usually updated during the Release Candidate rounds. This because updating video’s and graphics that are based on beta’s but are no longer valid visual representations take a lot of time to redo
The important changes can be found in pinned topics in the beta forums meanwhile.

It had been awhile since I had worked with Renoise, so I thought I would review the videos prior to starting.

I located the new beginner’s tutorial on YouTube (44 minutes or so), but I have to admit the latter part of the video was frustrating. I would say after the first bit about the DSP effects is where it starts. There are parts where the screen is zoomed in on one portion of the app, while the person working the controls is off in another portion of the app changing something on the screen. Also toward the end, the narrator is going so fast that a beginner or someone who is rusty struggles to keep up. Several times, I had to pause / rewind, pause / rewind to catch everything that is going on.

I am not trying to be a whining miss nancy here or criticize. I am simply voicing my experience in the hopes of helping the Renoise team make things better.

I absolutely agree with you!

Hey It-Alien, most of the links here, quickstart PDF, MOV or WMV are pointing to typical “page not found” url… Could it be fixed ? Cheerz.


PDF of the 3.0 manual? Soon?

The user manual is currently down, I’m assuming for revisions. When will it be back up?

Thank you!