Open_Url Doesn'T Accept Mailto: ? :)

does not seem to work. is open_url strictly limited to http:// and why am I even asking this :D

This works fine:'')  


Edit: it works here with Firefox if I use either ‘mailto:foo’ or ‘mailto://foo’, but ultimately it’s probably down to how your particular web browser interprets the URL.

Edit2: I tried ‘mailto://’ in Chrome and it didn’t like the //, so just ignore that one I guess. The standard ‘mailto:’ works fine as long as you remember to enclose the URL in quotes.[/s]

No wayy! :)

Hmm, I couldn’t get any of this stuff to work :)
I’m beginning to think it’d probably be easier to just do a page that has a mailto: in it, and call the page from a script :)


Is not this:"")  

Look carefully, look for the quotations.

local var = word -- Again, this  
local var = "word" -- Is not this  


HTML page with mailto: it is - I can’t for the life of me get a mail sent via Renoise. Luckily while not being able to get that going, instead got some help and pieced together how to make a button show the location of Renoise.log in the default file browser… which led me to asking this: Crash-folder output by string? and the overall generic crash song folder is?

Works fine here too. I guess it opens the URL with default browser, if it does support mailto url then it works.

What’s slightly interesting is that I can make a button start up 4 tabs worth of URLs but can’t get one mailto working (firefox) :)

Have you checked the associated applications of your browser for mailto?

OSX + Google = First Result:

I’ve tried. I even tried a bruteforce method:

renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
name = "Global:Impulse:Mailto",  
invoke = function()'mailto://')'')"mailto://")"")  

But to no avail. I went to Mail and set the default mailing program to Firefox - so in theory it should work but I just keep doing something wrong, which feels really strange. What am I missing this time? :D

To Firefox or In Firefox?

Open Firefox, Tools - Options - Applications Tab and have a look at the entry next to mailto.

Well, if I type mailto:// to Chrome, Safari or Firefox - all of them start an email process. However:

renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
name = "Global:Impulse:Mailto",  
invoke = function()"mailto://")'mailto://')  

No amount of KeyBinding will make this happen. Yeah I tried both ways to try and make sure it’s not just me messing up again…

For a start you don’t want the // in there for mailto, just

But that should only mean your program is opened with an incorrect email address so don’t think will help you…

Sorry see you’ve tried that in above comment.

Well I switched the mailto:// to mailto: and still no go. Feels really strange, everyone else seems to have gotten it working.

And if you put a http address in there it works fine so the rest of the code is ok?

httP:// always works :)

Well I’m stumped if http works and copy and pasting from dBlue’s post where he says he’s tried and it works doesn’t for you!

Something specific to your OS? Although that seems very doubtful!