Openmpt Be Badmouthin Us! :O

ignorance is bliss [NOT] :rolleyes:

:rolleyes: meh… not even worth responding to really. I didn’t see any valid arguments against Renoise, except for trivial matters of personal taste, or premature comments that mention “limits” which can already easily be changed through simple preferences (row highlighting, colour themes, etc).

So, I say fuckit. Let em continue to enjoy MPT and we’ll continue to enjoy Renoise. I ain’t gonna lose any sleep over it!


He apparently even wrote a report on Renoise. It’s in German though, and I haven’t had a chance to read it. From the way he’s talking, I almost think it’s about how bad he thinks our devs are.

What i read is that only a shallow effort has been put into the research and then being bashed easily yet unfair.
But don’t we all do this? I mean if you got used to working in a specific program which is your all time favorite, you are practically not looking for an alternative right? so your opinion will always be at least a little biased, if it were only for the fact that you cannot find the same method quick enough in the alternative that you have in your favorite.

A pity that MPT developer JoJo judges quite quickly about user requests not being implemented… I mean already using big words like “ignored” and “even the most simpliest features”, he makes it sounds like the dev’s aren’t listening at all or something. Quite some bad research imho. But other than that, the discussion also shines another light on some things regarding user friendlyness.

The current default GUI scheme is not my favorite either. It works but does not attract my attention at all.

Yah, I just couldn’t understand why one dev would go out and start attacking another like that. He even goes as far as to call Renoise something to the effect of “not part of the tracker scene anymore” … did this community do anything to this dude to piss him off? Next he’ll be changing the filter on his forums to replace “Renoise” with something silly like “Jabbanoise” :P

-Renoise retains the best elements of the Tracker Paradigm, while not being encumbered by it.
-Anyone of noticeable interest in the past who vainly argued a Jet was not an Airplane, would have been overlooked.
-Forward minded ideas produced by a mature community of progressive thinkers, is one of the many keys of Renoise’s continuing success.
-The ability of users to openly reflect upon Renoise’s strengths and weaknesses with an astute community is a valuable asset many developers can only hope for.

I would be worried if I was a MPT user, the developer Jojo sounds like he’s stuck in the past, but it almost sounds like that is their goal.

Ultimately they’ll lose users to Renoise just for mentioning it…

is there still a tracking scene by the way?


The walking, talking cartoon character known by the name of LPChip, is a tracker enthousiast from Holland. I remember WELL when he first arrived at ModPlug, because I was there and I actually TAUGHT him about the scene and a lot of other things on music. Howerver, soonn this guy deemed himself god’s gift to the scene. I think Fah will remember him; there was a full scale war going on between the two for awhile. A war fought with MUSIC and WON by music. Fah and me like to drink a beer in memory of this… the good ol’ MPC days… sigh… a smile passes my face…


He was a stuck-up, arrogant, reactionair son of decimal, about as inspiring as birth control… And now this bloated sack of protoplasm has gathered enough dragonballs to come and take it out on us? Ha, ha and ha! He killed a community, almost single handedly; Fah, Vowthorn, RedDevil, Predator, Spoz all left MPC to the mercy of LPChip… He’s a walking cunt destroyer and he pisses me off to the extent of actual annoyance. If this nut wants it, he can get it. Again. Hex Wars will return and the cosmos will be engulfed in awesomeness once more… Time to email Fah, hurrah!


Amen, BotB.

Humm. The author is not LPChip, but Saga_Musix (friendly foe from #modarchive and #mod_shrine) but the text is very strange indeed… Guess I’ll have to give him a pointer or two. ;)

About LPChip then, he’s a moderator at Nifflas’ forum as well and afaik his moderating skills have improved from what BotB said but there’s still a long way to go.

Holy shit… was that Saga? Damn :o

checks again

Shit so it is… I’m gonna have to have a talk with that chap.

Oh well. Fact remains: it’s on. Oh and how it’s on. ModPlug Is Fucking Over.

Whatever happens, LP Chip is a cunt. The veterans that were on the MPT forum from the beginning and are still there are cunts. Just under appreciated frustrated cunts.




What I wanna know is, whats up with Germany producing Tracker developers? Something in the water there? Your obsession with punktlichkeit? Also nice to see BYTE-smasher is such a fan he googles Renoise and digs up dead forum post from lesser competitors! heh :)

Skale forum was a great source for a good laugh; now that it is dead he needed to look elsewhere :rolleyes: